Explore the wilderness of a new eclectic destination.

On his fourth and last expedition to the New World, Christopher Columbus set foot on the beaches of what is today the city of Trujillo. He named this new land Honduras (depths), for the deep waters of its shores. The lush and mountainous country of Honduras promises to be a unique and eclectic trip. The Mayan ruins of Copan and their superb steles, lake Yojoa reflecting the clouds in its deep blue water, immense national parks and waterfalls, charming colonial cities lost in the mountains. Also, mangroves and lagunas, heavenly Caribbean islands bordered by a turquoise sea, coral reef inhabited by one of the world´s richest marine wildlife, and a mixed culture enriched by Indian, Garifuna, Latino, European ethnic groups and descendants of pirates. As “catrachos” (Hondurans) say, « Todo esta aqui ! ».

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