Dubai – the City of Gold

Where tradition meets innovation and luxury gets a complete new meaning!

Dubai is superlative in every sense – it boasts of the tallest, the largest, the biggest and the most luxurious! To elaborate – the tallest building in the world; the largest man-made ocean, the biggest mall in the world, the most luxurious renowned and elite Burj Al Arab…to name some.

Dubai is geographically located at the cross road between the East and West making it globally accessible. It boasts of highly developed and sophisticated infrastructure, with one of the finest airports, state-of-the-art communication services and an extensive well-developed transportation system. The emirate offers a crime-free environment.

Guests have a variety of luxury modern hotels to choose from – on the beach, in the city, in the mountains or on man-made islands. The presence of all the international luxury hotel chains and impeccable standards of comfort, hospitality and convenience provide the guests luxury at its epitome. Hotels here offer exceptional conference and meeting facilities. Gastronomic delights from across the globe can be savoured at its many restaurants, from roadside cafes to signature restaurants of world-renowned chefs.

Dubai’s pristine beaches, dazzling creek and varied landscape make way for a wide variety of activities to indulge in. The choice of activities includes desert safaris, dune bashing, powerboat racing, sand-skiing, helicopter rides, boat and dhow tours, golf at manicured golf courses, bird watching, indoor skiing and a range of marine sports like sailing, fishing, wind-surfing, water-skiing, scuba diving and snorkelling. In addition, a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage is reflected in the traditional sports such as falconry, camel- racing and horse racing.

Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. From traditional souks to myriad malls, from handicrafts to international brands, shopping options are inexhaustible.











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