Madeira; the beautiful island and archipelago that also contains the island of Porto Santo. An exceptional destination and a place mentioned by travellers from all over the world. Come and join us on a surprising FAM trip and discover all Madeira has to offer! From the luxurious hotels and the vibrant archipelago’s capital Funchal to the extraordinary cuisine and breathtaking nature. Get inspired!

Madeira island (16)

We have the opportunity to organize two Fam Trips to Madeira: one for the Dutch and one for the Belgium market. For details of the Fam trip for Belgian buyers, please see the dates below and flight schedule on the right side of this page. The information regarding the Dutch trip will follow soon. Please follow our blog, and we will keep you posted!

Belgium Buyers trip from Brussel to Lisbon:

November 28th – December 1st 2014

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