Sun, sea and the most beautiful beaches in the world…. Thinking of a far away tropical bounty paradise? Guess what, this summer destination can be found only a few hours away, in the Nordic part of Europe: Norway!

Stavanger summer
Spending a summer in Stavanger will be unforgettable. The breathtaking fjords and majestic mountains are an unexpected decor for summer holidays and business trips. Did you know that Stavanger has one of the largest beaches in Norway? According to the Sunday Times (2014) the Solastranden are even better than the ones we can find in summer destinations like Spain and Thailand. From relaxing, swimming and surfing to fine dining at a Norwegian lighthouse or a meeting at the beach; a summer in Stavanger has a lot to offer.

Casper Tybjerg -

In Stavanger there are a lot of beautiful fjords to discover. One of the most well known fjords is the Lysefjord; 42 meters long and 1000 meters high. Take a fjord cruise from Stavanger and enjoy the impressive nature and view. The Lysefjord has two attractions not to be missed while enjoying a holiday or incentive trip to this part of Norway: the Preikestolen and Kjerag. A two hours walk leads you to the Preikestolen (600m above sea level) and rewards you with the most incredible fjords view. The highest point of the Kjerag is located 1100 meters above sea level and the Kjeragbolten, a gigantic rock stuck between two mountains, is probably one of the most spectacular attractions of the region.

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Månafossen and Gloppedalsura
For those who are looking for an active summer walk in the Fjords, Månafossen would be a good idea. This 92m high water fall is the largest one in Rogaland and a breathtaking art of nature. Or how about Gloppedalsura, existing of impressive rocks that once fell down in an avalanche. Some rocks are as high as a three floors house.

Meetings at sea
The beaches and professional meeting facilities at Stavanger are a good reason to spend your MICE or business trip in this part of Norway. After a busy day of meetings and work you take a fresh breath while having a mind clearing walk on the beach.

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Stavanger is very easy to reach. From Amsterdam you can fly to Stavanger in only 1,5 hours, five times a day. For international flights Stavanger is the second airport of Norway. Direct flights come and go from numerous European cities. Travelling by car, by train or by boat? No problem, all options are open.

[photo credits: Visit Norway, Casper Tybjerg, Per Eide, Johan Wildhagen]