Saffron Travel
Saffron Travel is a boutique travel agency providing a full range of travel services to in-bound visitors and travellers to South East Asia. Inspired by the taste, colors and cultural heritage of the region, Saffron Travel is dedicated to delivering richer and more authentic experiences to its clients.

From tailor made trip to small and large organised tours and MICE packages, the team is committed to the highest standards of customer service based on a passion for the region built up over 15 years of working in the tourism industry.

This experience combined with a fresh, ‘boutique’ approach to service and quality means that Saffron Travel is uniquely placed to offer the international traveler the very best of the highly sensorial cultures, stunning  landscapes and friendly people of what used to be known as Indochina.

Luxury hotels Saffron Travel

Teambuilding Halong Bay

Luxury hotels Saffron Travel

Sambor Prei Kuk Camp

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