2014. A historical year for the city of Berlin. On November 9th, Berlin celebrates the 25th anniversary of the most significant event in the German history: the “Fall of the Wall“. In order to remember this special day in 1989, all kinds of activities and exhibitions will be organized throughout the weekend. A sneak preview:

Border of Light
The highlight of the celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of the “Fall of the Wall” will be a 15 km “Border of Light”. 8.000 illuminated balloons will remind us of the former wall and lighten up the city from the Bornholmer Straße all the way to the Oberbaumbrücke. A stroll along the balloon wall will make a special ode to the peaceful revolution we still live today.

Fall of the Wall_Light balloons

Not only will the Fall of the Wall event remind us of the ‘fall’ itself, it is also dedicated to all those courageous people who have worked for the freedom of the East-Germany. They share their stories through 100 large information boards along the open air exhibition ‘route of light’. Heartbreaking and heartwarming stories of courage, hope and a fight for peace and freedom.

Personal stories at Brandenburger Gate
During the major festival event on November 9th, which will be held on two larges stages just in front of the Brandenburger Gate, eyewitnesses will share their personal ‘wall-stories’. Visitors can experience the fall of the wall of 1989 through their eyes. By releasing the 8.000 balloons during a special ceremony, the Berlin night sky will lighten up as a heart touching symbol for the “Fall of the Wall” 25 years ago.

Fall of the Wall_Visit Berlin 1989

Fall of the Wall_exhibition

Music, Mauerpark  and more
A celebration asks for a special festive activities program. Besides the ‘Border of Light’ and sharing personal stories to celebrate freedom, Berlin will be highlighted by music, entertainment and cultural events. On November 8th chamber ensembles of the European Union Youth Orchestra will be performing cozy concerts at the Mauerpark, East Side Gallery and Checkpoint Charlie gathering spots. Music from the past three centuries will remind us of the European music history and the joy that filled Berlin’s hearts as the wall fell down.

In addition, the Berliner Philharmoniker will give special performances and the Street festival at the Brandenburger Gate will make the streets of Berlin dance.

Berlin wall_Fall of the Wall

Freedom, honor and the Berliner Allee Wall Memorial
Of course. The “Fall of the Wall” event is a celebration of freedom and of life. However, there will also be a special moment of remembrance and honor. For 28 years the wall surrounded a part of West-Berlin and captured people from the rest of the world. A lot of citizens who tried to escape and win their freedom back, were killed in their attempt. In memory of all these brave people, a memorial service will be held on November 9th, 11:00am, on the border of the new Berliner Allee Wall Memorial.

Fall of the Wall_murals

Fall of the Wall_old wall

To keep the memory alive and to keep celebrating freedom, also after the “Fall of the Wall” weekend in Berlin has come to an end, a permanent exhibition can be visited year round. The former wall and memorial center will be a perfect add-on to any MICE or business trip to Berlin. Let this weekend of celebration be an inspiration for future incentive and business visits to Berlin. Let us remember to celebrate freedom every day. Again and again.

For more information on the Berlin Wall and the story behind the 1989 happenings, please see this video or download one of the “Fall of the Wall”-apps. For year round MICE and incentive ideas, please contact Visit Berlin.

Fall of the Wall_potsdamer platz

Fall of the Wall_bridge

Fall of the Wall_Bridge new

[Photos: www.visitberlin.com | Hans Peter Stiebing | Stfitung Berliner Mauer | Berlin Daily]