Adventurous hiking tours, climbing mountains, rafting rivers or biking the bush… Outdoor fanatics are always looking for new and exciting adventures. What a coincidence… Guatemala is out there, all ready to be discovered!

Lago Guatemala

Free as a bird
Flying on top of the trees and feeling free as a bird. That is what the zipline experience is about. Lake Atitlan in Guatemala provides one of the most pleasant environments to go ziplining. Besides canoping at the lake, the ziplines are a real must-do for adventurous travelers. Senderos -natural trails- guide you to the first launch point from where you will slide through the trees, passing local fauna and enjoying incredible views of the Atitlan Lake. The weather in the lake surrounding area is wonderful and perfect for a ziplining experience thrill seekers will never forget.

Lake Atilan

Meet the Howler Monkeys
Howler Monkeys live high on tree-tops around archaeological sites in the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Just like we do they have five fingers and a “personality”. While hiking on the Howler Monky Trail their remarkable roar can be heard miles away. There are several trails to follow and to experience the stunning Nature Preserve of Guatemala and impressive Mayan Site.

Tikal - Mono Aulador

Need for speed(boats)
What about a speedboat ride on the Rio Dulce? Enjoy the spectacular view while bouncing on the “Sweet River”. The gorges and canyons, tropical vegetation and wildlife make a boattrip on this river an unforgettable one. Hundreds of pelicans, terns and other birds diving for fish while cruising the river and passing high-walled canyons doing switchbacks from the sea.

Pélicans Guatemala

“Active Guatemala” is a perfect way to combine a successful incentive trip and get introduced to the natural beauty of this country.

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