A surprising way to get to know Vietnam, is by celebrating New Year. No. You don’t have to wait until the end of 2014…. the Tet (New Year) will be celebrated on February 19th!

Vietnam Tet Holiday

Vietnamese Tet Holiday Exploration
Guests travelling to Vietnam during this time of year will enjoy a vivid experience of the country’s traditions and culture as they witness Vietnamese people’s preparations for the upcoming lunar New Year (Tet) celebrations. Saffron Travel is providing a traditional Vietnamese Tet Holiday Exploration Tour for international guests to participate in the festive season in Cai Be in the Mekong Delta. Guests will have the chance to take part in and enjoy the local seasonal activities and celebrations: fire-cracker displays, Spring flower displays, taste traditional fruits and jams, cook Banh Chung cake and other Tet specialities, share lucky money and witness many other centuries-old traditions and celebrations.

Cooking Banh Chung Cake Vietnam

Tet Holiday
The Tet Holiday is the largest and most important festival in Vietnam. What makes Tet interesting? Not only the activities that come along with the Vietnamese New Year but also the culture that surrounds it.

Tet is all about preparing for a new year: everything should be new. Red envelopes are filled with ‘new’ lucky money that symbolises luck and wealth. People wear new clothes and get rid of anything old or broken. The younger generation pays respect to the older generations by wishing them a happy new year, in return they usually will be rewarded with some lucky money. Children sing songs or recite poems to their grandparents or parents creating a very cheerful and warm atmosphere. Above all Tet is a time for families to be together.

Vietnam Tet Holiday Preparation
[photo: Duc Vien]

Luck and fortune
The Vietnamese believe that what happens on the dawn of Tet determines the fate for the whole year. For this reason, people are extra friendly to each other hoping for a better year ahead. The first houseguest to offer the first greeting in the New Year is very important. If the guest is auspicious, well-respected, well-educated, successful, or even famous, etc., people believe that the family will receive luck and good fortune throughout the year.

Vietnam Tet Holiday Preparation

From yellow to pink
Apricot flowers and peach flowers are considered to be the symbolic flowers for Tet. Apricot flowers are yellow and seen in Southern Vietnam while Peach flowers are a warm pink and more prevalent in the North as they match well with the cooler climate there.

Vietnam Tet Holiday Preparation

Curious to know more about celebrating Tet or about the MICE possibilities in Vietnam? Please contact our partner and South East Asia specialist Saffron Travel.