Located to the west of Inle Lake you will find Kalaw. A small and serene town that offers some of the best trekking trails in the region. Here tourists, sporty adventurers and MICE travellers can explore the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful mountain views while walking in a decor of gnarled pines and bamboo groves. Let’s explore Kalaw!


Shan Plateau
The 22km long Inle Lake is located in the heart of the Shan Plateau, while Kalaw is located 1320 meter above sea level on the western edge of the plateau. Kalaw was a popular hill station in the British days and still is a peaceful and quiet place to relax and enjoy a beautiful part of Myanmar.


Tribe villages
There are various picturesque hill tribe villages and temples to discover in and around Kalaw. Take for example the Thein Taung Pagoda’s Buddist monastery, a place from which you can enjoy the stunning view of Kalaw at its best. Or the friendly Palaungs people, who mainly live in the Kalaw, Shan State, and belong to the Mon-Khmer.

Kalaw  tribe

Colonial heritage
Kalaw is quite an off the beaten track destination and also one where Myanmar’s colonial past can still be seen vividly. Examples are the architecture of the Anglican Church and colonial style houses. During the colonial times, this Anglican Church was one of the buildings built by the British in 1906. A beautiful piece of heritage and must-see while travelling through Myanmar and Kalaw.


Food and cuisine
Besides the impressive cultural heritage, remarkable trekking possibilities and stunning views, the food is de-li-cious. A blend of elements of the Nepalese and Indian cuisine can be found and tasted in this part of Myanmar.

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