Florence, a beautiful city in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. While on a MICE trip to Florence the Duomo, statue of David or the Festival di Gelato, known for the best ice creams of Italy, will probably already be on top of your list. But, how about temporary arts exhibitions? Get inspired by these five Florence must-sees and give your MICE trip a cultural twist:


  1. HUMAN by Anthony Gormley

From April 26th to September 27th the Forte di Belvedere will be the amazing setting for the exhibition HUMAN, by Antony Gormley. Guests can enjoy his beautiful sculptures in the interior and courtyard of the 16th century fortress. Among the works of Gormley is “Critical Mass (1995)”, an anti-monument evoking all victims of the 20th century, as the artist calls it himself. The exhibition revives the Forte’s history and military power. Impressive.

Forte_belvedere - cc

 [photo: © Forte Belvedere]

  1. Modern and contemporary art – Tornabuoni Arte

Interested in modern and contemporary arts? Than make sure you visit the Tornabuoni Arte exhibition in Florence. From December 12th until November 28th you can enjoy a rich and significant selection of works of current national and international artists, including some of the most recent avant-garde talents. A visit to this exhibition will let you experience an artistic discovery tour through the most significant phases of modern and contemporary art.

tornabuoni arte - website photo

[photo: © http://www.tornabuoniarte.it]

  1. Middle ages on the road – the Bargello

One of the most interesting museums of Florence is the Bargello National Museum. Especially for its 150th anniversary two rooms on the ground floor are currently dedicated to a great collection of Medieval objects “Middle ages on the road”. These masterpieces are traveling between four important European cities, the so called “the Network of Museums with Medieval Art”: Paris, Vic/Barcelona, Cologne, where the works show all kinds of journeys. The exhibition can be enjoyed and seen in the Bargello in Florence until June 21st.

Bargello Firenze

[photo: © Bargello Firenze]

  1. Small bronzes, great art – National Archeological Museum

Small in size, however great art pieces. The exhibition at the National Archeological Museum in Florence shows bronze statues from the Medicean and Lorraine collections of influential families of the ancient Italy. The 10 to 60 centimeters pieces date back from the Roman and Hellenistic era and can be seen until June 21st.


[photo: © WikiPedia]

  1. Toy soldiers collection by Alberto Predieri

Yes, a toy soldiers collection. And one of the most important national collections that includes soldiers from the 18th century to the Italian Risorgimento (the first steps to the unification of Italy). A valuable exhibition of remarkable, little pieces of art that can be visited until December 31rd, at the Ente CRF in Florence.

Toy soldiers predieri - credits artemagazine 2

[photo: © Arte Magazine]

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