Madeira island (16)

Yes. Madeira is the Portugese island of flowers. Of walking for hours and of enjoying a beautiful sunset at the beach. However, Madeira also has a ‘rough’ side not many people know about. Did you? Let us introduce you to an outdoor paradise where adrenaline is king!

4x4 Abreu Madeira

4×4 experience
A 4×4 experience is something that will definitely boost your confidence and team skills. Together with colleagues, friends or travel buddies you will explore Madeira in a way that you never did before. Mud, speed and lots of laughter: give those wheels a spin!

Mountainbiking Abreu Madeira

Bike the Madeira mountains
An outdoor activity for old and young, that is mountain biking the island of Madeira. No professional bike rider yet? Do not worry. There are trails for starting and professional mountainbikers, which makes this activity interesting one for MICE and incentive trips.

Puenting Abreu Madeira

Thrill seekers only
Are you a real thrill seeker? A real one? Try Puenting at Madeira. The ultimate king of adrenaline. That’s for sure.

Interested in all outdoor MICE activities Madeira has to offer? Please contact our partner and Madeira specialist Abreu or visit their YouTube channel.