Berlin, Dusseldorf and Munich. Three well-known cities in Germany, both for leisure trips and for MICE and business events. Professional meeting facilities, a lot of cultural highlights and good restaurants are the ingredients for a successful business stay. However, there is much more to discover. What do you think of Dresden, Hamburg or…. Bremen? Let’s tell you about the 5x Bremen must see’s:

[photo: Kay-Rafael Stemmer]

Small vs. Big
Bremen is a rather small city (548.547 inhabitants) in the North of Germany. Nevertheless, its world-ranking seaport and position as an important location for automobile manufactures (Mercedes-Benz) and aerospace industry (Airbus) as well as electronics, steel industry and shipbuilding, make it an attractive city. You can reach Bremen easily by train, plane or car. Did you know that the airport is located only few minutes from the city centre? By train you will even arrive in the very heart of Bremen, near the shopping streets. But why choose Bremen for your next MICE or leisure trip?
BTZ_4879_Tourist-Information Langenstraße-Marktplatz[Photo: Linda Krause]

1. Hanseatic city highlights
At the river Weser you will find a lot of 1.200-year-old hanseatic city highlights, is an experience that should not be missed. How about the Beck’s brewery, directly located at the river side and only few minutes walking from the city centre. Take a guided tour and reveal Bremen’s beer secrets.BTZ_3025_St. Petri Dom kopie
[photo: Manuela Gangl (]

2. The Rathaus
All sights in the city centre can easily be reached by foot, in only a few minutes. Make sure you will visit the beautiful Rathaus (town hall), right next to the Town Musicians. In its basement you will find the Bremer Ratskeller: a charming restaurant where you can enjoy traditional dishes in a historic setting.
BTZ_422_Marktplatz - Westseite, Unser Lieben Frauen Kirche, Rathaus[Photo: Silke Krause (BTZ)]

3. Schnoor Quarter and Promenade Schlachte.
Only five minutes walk from the market place and the Dom, you will find the Schnoor Quarter. Wander the narrow Medieval streets and winding alleys and discover how life was in historic Bremen. Good restaurants can be found at the Promenade Schlachte.
BTZ_2915_Schlachte - Antik- und Trödelmarkt, Admiral Nelson kopie[photo: Manuela Gangl (]

4. Roland and market square
The statue of Roland represents the right and freedom of market and is one of the most famous landmarks of Bremen. You’ll find the statue on the market square. Don’t miss out on the beautiful gothic Bremer Dom, located next to the market place.
BTZ_235_Freimarkt - Roland kopie
[Photo: Ingrid Krause (BTZ)]

5. Universum Science Centre
Close to the city centre you will find the “Universum” Science Centre. Experience and test what an earthquake feels like or how tornados occur. A science centre tour will be a discovery trip to the secrets of the earth, human being and the cosmos.BTZ_3124_Universum Bremen - außen mit SchauBox kopie
[photo: Manuela Gangl (]

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