S. Miguel (São Miguel), known as “The Green Island”, is the largest and most populated island of the Azores as well as the home to the Presidency of the Autonomous Region of the Azores. S. Miguel Island has a surfasse ( superfície) area of approximately 293 square miles (759 km2). The island covers 759 km2 (293 sq mi) and has around 150,000 inhabitants, 50,000 of them located in Ponta Delgada the largest city in the archipelago.

S. Miguel’s diverse scenery is a pleasant awakening ( paisagem diversificada de São Miguel) to visitors, with beautiful lakes, sandy beaches, rolling hills( Colinas), high mountains, green plains and blue ocean. S. Miguel is unlike any other destination in the world. Once you come you will want to come back.


The full program can be found on the right side of this webpage. An unique opportunity to experience this beautiful Island with Abreu and us. This year the Educational Trip to Azores is only open for Belgium participants.

Please be aware that we have limited spaces and you have to be approved by the partners. For the airport taxes you will be charged a participation fee of EUR 180,00.

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