It’s a wrap: the first edition of our new MICE event The Roadshow was a success! In five days we traveled from Amsterdam to Brussels, Dusseldorf, Munich and Warsaw and met with interesting MICE specialists from all over Europe. Exhibitors showed their destinations and products, guests enjoyed inspiring speakers perform, watched special photography and art exhibitions and created a ‘live art piece’ together inspired by this year’s theme: ‘Art & the City’. In total we welcomed around 190 guests. Curious? Please find a short impression below:

Famous City Amsterdam
The kick-off of The Roadshow  took place in Amsterdam. During this first event in Amsterdam special speakers rocked the stage: Robin Cox of Citinerary and Valerie Reinhold of Redprint: dna shared their vision on how to promote a city / destination, seen through the eyes of the locals or from a personal point of view. Impressive images from the book Famous City Amsterdam (of well known photographer Marte Visser) were exposed throughout the venue and created a inspiring environment for the MICE meetings. Special live entertainment by singer and performer Siobhan de Jong.




Blooming Brussels
Hotel Bloom was the decor of the Brussels version of The Roadshow, a wonderful designed hotel in the city center. People listened to speaker Robin Cox, joined interesting meetings and enjoyed good food and drinks together. Just like in the other four cities, the guests in Brussels created a big art piece together and let their creative minds free.



Doing business in Dusseldorf
The meetings in Dusseldorf formed a vibrant get-together of interesting people who joined The Roadshow to get inspired and above all: to do some business. The meetings went on and on and our guests were enjoying every minute of it. The pictures below show the atmosphere in a nice and arty way, according to the theme Art & the City.



MICE experience Munich
Just like the other cities we had a blast in Munich. The venue was perfect for our one-to-one speed date sessions and created a relaxing setting for a busy business afternoon. Catching up with ‘old’ contacts and meeting with new ones leaded to a magnificent piece of art, designed by all our guests.



Welcome in Warsaw
The last stop of The Roadshow: Warsaw. Mysia3 was decorated with paintings made by Mr. Cieslak. Brainstorming, new ideas, fresh approaches and inspiring business contacts made the fifth day of the new MICE event a successful one.



Good news: in 2017 The Roadshow will continue! Stay tuned for more information, dates and ideas. Looking forward to meeting you there.