Developing Incentives through Mexico is an adventure for the senses. It´s an accumulation of unique experiences. It´s one of the most colorful and most diverse countries in the world. That´s why Mexico is the perfect destination for creating unforgettable memories, no matter if you choose for a beach destination or for an adventurous journey.

For many years, Mexico has been one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. And tourism in Mexico is still growing, with an ever increasing number of possibilities and activities.

Country Highlights
By this I mean all the unmissable places, activities, themes, and what your country is great for. Each of these with a few lines to describe, bringing out the essence of the attraction.

The Mexican people
The Mexican hospitality is unparalleled. Mexicans are proud of their country and most of them are very happy to help travellers get a better sense of their country. In no other country, making friends is this easy!

With over 9,000km of coastline, no doubt you will find your paradise!

Ancient civilizations & history
From ancient Maya ruins to colonial towns, traveling through Mexico is traveling through history. With its many ruins and beautiful colonial towns, the country’s turbulent history has left a legacy second to none. Much of this is now recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Natural landscapes and biodiversity
Mexico is enormous and landscapes spectacularly differ per region. Discover Mexico’s massive mountain ranges, the high plains, the deserts, the rolling hills, valleys, its volcanic belt with snow-capped volcanoes of over 5000 meters in height, but also its lowland jungle, mangroves, coastal lagoons, and the many tropical beaches. Think of any kind of landscape and probably you will find it Mexico. And did you know that Mexico owns more than 10% of the world’s biodiversity? It has over 200,000 species which makes Mexico an excellent place for eco-tourism.

Cultural diversity
Mexico’s cultural traditions – in terms of food, drinks, music, dance, festivals, celebrations, crafts, arts, clothing, and so much more – will astonish you every day!

Variety of different activities
From visits to archaeological sites to expeditions into nature, from surfing to partying, Mexico has activities on offer for every taste.

Mexican food and drinks are world famous. Mexico’s gastronomy is even recognized as World Heritage. But only in Mexico you can get the real taste.

Tourism infrastructure
Mexico is well equipped to handle millions of travellers, especially in the more popular destinations. You will always find the comfort you’re looking for. And despite many destinations excellent infrastructure, there is still enough to explore for those who seek an off-the-beaten-track place.

Enjoy a margarita in the ever-present Mexican sun!

Mexico has something for any type of budget. It can be as expensive or cheap as you want but, in general, Mexico is a very affordable holiday destination.

About the people
The team of SAT Mexico consists of dynamic, multi-lingual, hard-working professionals, with experience in the industry and extensive knowledge when it comes to our destinations. They work with a diverse group of people, from different backgrounds, all of them with their own fields of expertise. What binds them all, however, is the passion for the beautiful country that is Mexico.


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