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The land of the far east or the pearl of the orient, all phrases that make you want to pack your bag, head to the airport and jump on the next flight.

Its 21st century façade dazzles in the spotlight of the world, but China isn’t just glitz and glam, it also has the title for the world’s oldest continuous civilization. From the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors and Potala Palace, its thousands of years of history intrigue all from the world over to come and visit this unique part of the world.

Breathtaking Scenery
Few countries have such a diverse and picturesque scenery like China. Her landscapes span the range from alpha to omega: take your pick from the sublime sapphire lakes surrounding Lhasa, or the expansive deserts of Inner Mongolia, explore the outer islands of Hong Kong or hike the steep steps of the Great Wall of China. Meander through the pits of the Terracotta Warriors and snap a selfie at the Forbidden City. Wherever you look, this country has something gorgeous that will simply take your breath away.

Expect your taste buds to have a field day from the minute you touch down in China, with hundreds of cuisines to sample from, try Dim Sum down south, Peking duck up north, roast lamb out to the west and Xiao Long Bao to the east. Follow your nose in China and you won’t want to stop exploring what this stunning country has on offer, literally.

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