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A high-end group of young adult travelers called YPO chose Greece as their summer destination, and EZGreece DMC to be their guide and design for them the ultimate experience to see Greece in six days.

Our travelers had the chance to travel back in Greek mythology and feel the ancient Greek spirit by chasing Chronos, the God of Time, according to Greek mythology. During these six days our guests experienced the Greek philoxenia accompanied by the natural beauties of the Greek west coast.
The adventure started in Athens, from there we moved on to the island of Lefkada characterized by steep cliffs leading to extensive beaches with crystal blue waters that call everyone for a dive. The chase of Chronos led us to explore the beauties of the underworld and discover what lies ahead in the dark of Perama cave. Crawling around the cave trying to solve the mystery of Chronos we reached Zagori. There, we found our selves not able to resist to the crystal blue springs and blue lakes that surrounding the scenery.

The highlights of the adventure?
We crossed rivers, we hiked rocky trails, we chose kayak to see the Vikos gorge to camp and spend the night on a stunning private beach full of pines lying on the golden sand leading to emerald waters.
For one more time EZGreece DMC created moments that will last for a life time. Life is moments and our passion for new experiences is a way of thinking, this is what we do, and we do it great.

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