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Italy is judged from all over the world as one of the most beautiful and rich of history, art and culture and this is combined with the great variety of accommodation facilities of every type and category. This makes Italy unique in the world.

Thanks to its landscape, clusters richness, food and its excellent climate, Italy is recognized as one of the best MICE destinations in Europe.

Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples, Siena, Turin and Venice are just few example of what beautiful Italy. You can also enjoy the amazing islands Sicily and Sardinia, or the exclusive place of Vatican and San Marino.

Skiing, rafting, beach activities, excursion, food tasting, trekking, diving, boat tours, craft and much more are waiting for you to discover.

Situated in a privileged position, the centre of the Mediterranean, Italy is comfortably accessible thanks to the main international airports such as Roma Fiumicino and Milano Malpensa which guarantee easy daily connections with the principal destinations of the world.

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Comunicando Eventi

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Comunicando Eventi is a LIVE COMMUNICATION AGENCY. They conceive and realize conventions, sales meetings, trade events, incentives, meetings, corporate and product communication campaigns, congresses, medical symposia, team building. They enjoy creating events. Their business is to ENGAGE PEOPLE.

INTERNATIONAL MICE AGENCIES and CORPORATE CLIENTS choose Comunicando Eventi for their events throughout all Italy. Their knowledge of the territory and the experience gained in the field of events makes them the best choice for a successful event. Each time they look farther ahead, to explore NEW TECHNICAL FRONTIERS and to DISCOVER NEW CREATIVE WORLDS.

ARTISANS, SCENE AND SET DESIGNER, ARTISTS, VISIONARIES. These are their special partners wherewith they find prompt and creative solutions for any needs. Like expert jugglers, they move adroitly between creativity and organization, and in the end the show is truly enjoyed by one and all.

SINCE 2004 Comunicando Eventi has grown considerably, even if inside they still remain the same. The team’s goal is to offer UNIQUE TAILOR-MADE EXPERIENCES.
 Passion, enthusiasm, flexibility, professionalism and attention to details are what distinguish their group and their work.

Profile Monica Napoli – Partner & General Manager
Monica Napoli founded Comunicando Eventi in 2004. She is an Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the events services industry (since 1987). Skilled in Event Planning, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Hospitality Industry, and Leadership. Strong entrepreneurship professional graduated from Istituto per il Turismo.

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Crete, the new OSCAR destination

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One of the leading cosmetic brands in the world, AVON, chose a beautiful Greek island for their sales award trip. A brand that supports women every hour of the day, from morning to night, chose Crete that offers entertainment for every person for every hour of the day. Crete is a feast for the senses, pristine nature, thousands of years culture, amazing and unique cuisine, long pink beaches and of course crystal blue waters. One of the secrets of this island is that there are many places and venues appropriate for any kind of event. 

In this case, the “Garden of Senses” was the perfect scenery for a summer Gala dinner for the beautiful ladies of AVON. An Oscar night was designed by EZGReece DMC with red velvet and gold astonishing colours. Highlight of the night was the singer George Zervos and his band, which got everyone excited with their music and positive energy.

© via EZGReece
© via EZGReece

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Educational Trip Iceland – video’s

We made some nice video’s of our trip. Below you will find some nice impressions of this fantastic road trip.

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Chasing Chronos (Time)!

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A high-end group of young adult travelers called YPO chose Greece as their summer destination, and EZGreece DMC to be their guide and design for them the ultimate experience to see Greece in six days.

Our travelers had the chance to travel back in Greek mythology and feel the ancient Greek spirit by chasing Chronos, the God of Time, according to Greek mythology. During these six days our guests experienced the Greek philoxenia accompanied by the natural beauties of the Greek west coast.
The adventure started in Athens, from there we moved on to the island of Lefkada characterized by steep cliffs leading to extensive beaches with crystal blue waters that call everyone for a dive. The chase of Chronos led us to explore the beauties of the underworld and discover what lies ahead in the dark of Perama cave. Crawling around the cave trying to solve the mystery of Chronos we reached Zagori. There, we found our selves not able to resist to the crystal blue springs and blue lakes that surrounding the scenery.

The highlights of the adventure?
We crossed rivers, we hiked rocky trails, we chose kayak to see the Vikos gorge to camp and spend the night on a stunning private beach full of pines lying on the golden sand leading to emerald waters.
For one more time EZGreece DMC created moments that will last for a life time. Life is moments and our passion for new experiences is a way of thinking, this is what we do, and we do it great.

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EZGReece DMC promises a flawless program delivery, in an unspoiled destination.
Whether it’s for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences or Events EZGReece DMC, a leading Destination Management Company in Greece, has the answers and the concepts you are looking for to have a life time memorable experience.

EZGReece DMC was created in 1991 based on the philosophy to honor Greece and show to the world all the hidden beauties of this – all year long – sunny destination. Our well-travelled team wants to introduce the global community to the Greek traditions and history that perfectly blends with the pristine nature of this country.

In EZGReece DMC, we don’t create travels, we create life time memorable experiences, we live in a real world and we design real travels full of moments. For every client, we combine from the scratch, our expertise in events creation with our creativity and knowledge about Greece, to build a unique event in the most appropriate place; For EZTeam, designing experiences, is a way of thinking.

EZGReece DMC in numbers:

  • 28 years of experience
  • More than 2,300 projects in Greece and abroad
  • 300,000 guests from around the world
  • 1000 corporate clients
  • 80 project managers securing extensive local network
  • IATA 2 tourism awards
  • IATA certified
  • NGTO (EOT) award for creativity

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A place where history of 5.000 years blends perfectly with pristine nature!

Greece is known for 3 things: ancient civilization, amazing landscapes and high developed tourism and MICE infrastructure. 
Beloved by people, Greece is so rich in culture and beauty that it never seems to be completely explored, no matter how many times you visit it. After all, this is one of the reasons that included Greece in the list with the top 20 tourist destinations worldwide.
 We are proud to state that “Greece can host any kind of event”! The diversity in venues in Greece is rich, sophisticated and meet high standards, able to host events from 20 up to 8000 guests. Your choices can rank from a floating venue, beach location, hip modern, industrial venue up to historical locations that have recently been offered for event charters.

A unique combination of the old and the new, set up against a spectacular Mediterranean landscape; a world-famous past; an exciting present: Ancient and brand new at the same time, Athens inspires and seduces its visitors, leaving its mark in their hearts and minds. An award-winning airport (Athens International Airport), currently serving more than 136 cities with direct flights. There are 30,000 rooms to suit all budgets and 95, 000² of conference space to meet the requirements of the most demanding of events.

Many of these Greek beaches have been awarded the blue flag under the Blue Flags of Europe Program. Some of the oldest European civilizations developed on the Greek islands (Cycladic, Minoan civilizations, etc.), so therefore the islands have unique archeological sites, a distinctive architectural heritage and the fascinating local traditions of a centuries-old and multifaceted civilization. The ideal climate, safe waters, premium hospitality services and small distances between ports and coasts, have made the Greek islands extremely popular for MICE tourism.

Greece is a beloved destination and in addition to the more familiar islands, the mainland offers plenty of options for a classic Mediterranean experience! Enjoy a wealth of archaeological sites, fascinating culture, spectacular coastline and picture-perfect scenery! Many locations in South Greece (Peloponnese) or North Greece (Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Volos) offer five-star hotels and conference venues with state-of-the-art facilities that constitute an ideal MICE destination in Greece!

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Educational Trip Madrid – Toledo

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During this educational trip we will be visiting Madrid and Toledo.

If there is one thing that characterizes Madrid, it is the deep, contagious passion for life reflected in its friendly, welcoming people.
Madrid boasts concerts, exhibitions, ballets, select theatre productions, and the latest cinematographic releases. You can sample a wide variety of the finest Spanish and international cuisine or be enchanted by its bars and taverns.
These are just some of Madrid’s leisure alternatives, alongside tempting shopping in the most traditional establishments and world-famous outlets stocking the finest international brands.

Toledo is the place to visit without any doubts. It was the former capital and it really reflects the majestic city for its splendorous monuments classified by the Unesco as world heritage. Besides, the cultural richness what really impresses people is the location and the geographic enclave. The city of Toledo is encircled by the Tagus River and it is perched majestically on a predominant hill.
Surely, you will enjoy the beautiful well preserved monuments, namely the Cathedral of Toledo for its grandeur and cultural interest (the sacristy hosts an important art collection), but for the interesting twist of Christian, Arabic and Hebrew influences.

This educational trip is on invite only and already full.

The full program and flight-schedule can be find on the right.

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STOCKHOLM 100224 Globen Skyview Foto: Sšren Andersson

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Visit stylish Stockholm

Explore the Nordic cuisine and discover Stockholm Archipelago on a trip to one of Scandinavia’s capitals.

Stockholm is a fantastic place to visit with wonderful attractions, rich history and a special kind of Scandinavian charm. Fashionable Stockholm, sometimes referred to as “Venice of the North”, boasts with little quirky shops, beautifully decorated cafés and restaurants.
Being the home to three of Sweden’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Stockholm has lots to offer to those interested in history. Walk in the footsteps of the Vikings at the archaeological site Birka, or visit the 17th century Vasa warship for an excursion out of the ordinary. For a close encounter with the Swedish nature, take a boat trip around Stockholm’s 30,000 archipelago islands that begin to form right outside the city.

8 reasons why you should visit Stockholm

1. Venice of the North
Stockholm offers grand Venetian charms around its many canals and islands.

2. A culinary melting pot
Stockholm has some incredible restaurants that are changing the way the Scandinavian and Nordic cuisine is perceived in the rest of the world.

3. World-class cultural hub
Stockholm has brilliant art galleries (most of them with no admission fee), arenas that host huge concerts and sporting events, as well as an opera house and theatres that have a delightful range of shows to see. There are also museums (large and small) that cover all kinds of topics, from Swedish history to ABBA.

4. The Archipelago
A must while in Stockholm is to experience the beautiful Stockholm archipelago, with 30,000 islands, passing fjords, forts and homes to the city’s wealthy.

5. Style and design capital
Stockholm is a very style-conscious city and is one of the European capitals of design. It is a wonderful place to find amazing furniture, clothing and homeware that reflects the simple, clean and elegant tenets of Scandinavian design.

6. Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan, the Old Town, is one of the largest and best-preserved medieval city centers in Europe and one of the foremost attractions in Stockholm. This is where Stockholm was founded in 1252.

7. Beautiful outdoor spaces
There are nature reserves where you can fish, hike or just relax. For water-lovers, Stockholm has many options, from boat trips to small beaches and lakes to swim in. For outdoorsy types Stockholm is perfect.

8. Stockholm from above
Stockholm is one of the few places in the World, where it is possible to have a guided roof top tour – an exciting and unique guided tour over Stockholm, 43 meters above the ground.

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Biking in sunshine in Christianshavn

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Explore the Nordic cuisine, get a taste of the Danish ‘hygge’ on a trip to one of Scandinavia’s capitals.

Copenhagen is fast becoming one of the must-visit places in Scandinavia for people across the globe. The city is buzzing with a mixture of great people, outstanding food and exciting things to do and see. Known for being the capital of “The Happiest Nation in The World”, Copenhagen is also renowned for its green take on city development, busy bicycle lanes and the city’s great architecture and design.

Explore the city’s colorful neighbourhoods and the diversity they offer – perhaps by bicycle, which is the way most locals like to get around in the city. Home to H. C. Andersen’s Little Mermaid, the free town Christiania and some of the best restaurants in the world, Copenhagen boasts with creativity and beautiful sceneries to discover.

8 reasons why you should visit Copenhagen

1. Historical city and the world’s oldest monarchy
Although the new modern shops and designs are amazing, the Danes have been at this for hundreds of years. The old buildings and architecture is stunning and blends perfectly with the new.

2. Outstanding design and architecture is everywhere
The Danes like to do things really well and that is especially true of Danish design. The furniture shops and design shops here are as good as you’ll see anywhere in the world and will give you serious design envy.

3. Gourmet destination
Denmark is Scandinavia’s gourmet food powerhouse with a total of 31 Michelin Stars and 26 star-studded restaurants to choose from. For the past decade, Copenhagen has blazed its own trail as one of the world’s great gastronomic hotspots, but now other regions have also earned these accolades.

4. There are highways for bikes
If ever a city was made to be enjoyed on a bike, then this is it. Danes take their cycling very seriously with entire parts of the road dedicated to safe cycling – a great way to see Copenhagen.

5. You are always beside the sea
The sea surrounds the capital and the water is so clean that you can actually go for a dip in the Copenhagen harbours. Head to Amager Strandpark for lots of fun water activities.

6. Everybody speaks perfect English
Unlike other countries where you will have to make an effort to speak to locals in their language, you’ll find most Danes speak better English than you do yourself!

7. Danes are the happiest people in the world
Countless studies say that the Danish are the happiest people in the world. They pay some of the highest taxes around but their healthcare, transport and lives are easier as a result. You’ll struggle to talk to anybody who isn’t superbly happy with his or her lot.

8. Because of The Hygge
A hard concept to grasp but it essentially translates as cosiness and the Danes are mad about it. Usually involves candles, blankets and good friends.

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Your Best Destination Partner is one of the leading DMC’s in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Our trademark is to create custom-made, sustainable and innovative solutions to offer our customers a different way of experiencing Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
BDP is a privately owned Danish company founded in 1997. Today we are 16 employees divided into three different departments; Cruise, Congress and Business Events.

BDP Business Events
At BDP Business Events, we offer our clients tailor-made solutions. We are highly specialized in professional handling and consulting of incentive programs, corporate meetings, car launches, creative events and conferences.
We have 20 years of experience in offering you the best of Scandinavia with a focus on your identity, your expectations and your needs. Our creativity and professionalism will guarantee a surprising, lasting and profound experience – and added value for you and your clients, when choosing a Scandinavian country as your next destination.

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Since 1989 the KMP Group has been one of the leading travel companies in Russia, with offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. KMP-DMC, the Incentive & Event division, takes advantage of the company’s buying power and thus guarantees you the most competitive prices. Our experience over the last 27 years and in-depth knowledge of the destinations allow us to offer exclusive incentive programs, which include theme parties, private visits to museums, the best selection of restaurants, hotels and unique venues, team building, outdoor activities, etc. We are constantly searching for fresh ideas to fulfill your requirements. A key to our success is the team of professionals speaking English, French, Spanish and Italian who are always ready to consider your ideas and your budget, helping you to create the ultimate product. We ensure an immediate response, competitive quotations, flexibility and a friendly, personalized approach.

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Russia attracts visitors from all over the world with its enigmatic charm and the unique things it has to offer. Designated a destination on everyone’s ‘things to do before I die’ list and one of the few places with an immediate ‘wow’ factor, the largest country on the planet remains one of the least understood and thus most intriguing. The excellent products on offer and the unique combination of programs tinged with the exotic make Russia one of the world’s most attractive destinations today.

Widely accepted as one of the most beautiful and architectural capitals in the world, Moscow is the heart of Mother Russia, radiating Slavic grandeur and a sense of things to come.
Moscow offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity, a combination of ancient art luxury and high-tech trends. The brave new world of the nouveau riche is as omnipresent and prominent as the proud centuries-old monasteries and stately homes and palaces. Over the following centuries Moscow grew in stature, and the numerous historical buildings in the city today bear witness to stylistic influences from Asia Minor to Italy.

St Petersburg
Founded by Peter the Great, Russia’s first and most famous Emperor, St Petersburg combines its fascinating Russian heritage with a distinctly European outlook (“a window to the West”) and is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Officially proclaimed the “Cultural Capital of Russia” St. Petersburg is a place, where you need weeks just to see all its major landmarks. Since the city is built on more than 20 islands separated by around 40 rivers and canals, it is often called the Venice of the North. St Petersburg is also famous for its “white nights” in May, June and July when the sun almost never goes down.

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Mexican bohemian soul incentive tour

In order to cater to the millennial generation, we are providing a round trip through Yucatan that brings not only a product to the clients but a diverse variety of authentic experiences to address the client’s emotions by engaging them in the program. Our trip offers more than just a typical sun and beach vacation, we are going to dive into culture, history, and nature of the impressive region. The properties used to accommodate the group in the stops of the round trip are beyond the trendiest we have to offer. When it comes to dining, we distance ourselves from all-inclusive buffets, instead, we offer traditional and local Mexican food, crafted drinks offered at diverse markets.

Through an interactive program during our roundtrip, we plan to stimulate, educate and inspire the young generation and create picturesque moments that are just waiting to be posted onto social media. Instead of the classic goody bag for tourists, we offer trendy welcome presents with waterproof phone bags which can be used right away during the trip!

Experience the bohemian side of Yucatan and live the unique experience!

You can a full example program by clicking here.

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Collaboration Aeromexico & Travelmediate

We are happy to announce that we have started a collaboration with Aeromexico to promote groups towards Mexico!

Did you know that Aeromexico has a daily nonstop flight from Amsterdam to Mexico? So for all your groups towards Mexico, please check them out and off course also request your land program with our partner SAT Mexico.

For more information, please contact us via below form or give us a call.


Morocco has an ideal geographical situation, less than 3 hours flight from main European capitals, and is a land of safety and stability. Due to the international airports with direct connections to Europe, Middle East, North America and Africa it is a propitious shelter for international events.

Morocco has nice weather all year around and magnificent contrasting landscapes.

Why else visit Morocco? Well because of:
– Welcoming local people;
– Spirit of tolerance;
– Art of hospitality;
– A great historical heritage;
– An authentic culture;
– A harmonious co-existences of traditional and modern cultures.

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KTI Events

KTI Events is the brand activity of a leading touristic group with more than 40 years of experience in travel tourism, MICE and hotels. The goal of KTI Events is the customer satisfaction thanks to a wide range of offered services with high quality standards.

KTI Events commitment is to provide:
Customized consultancy and tailor-made conception. The most appropriate location for your event. Optimized time scheduling of the program. the best services with the appropriate budget. Full assistance by a highly qualified team.

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Yes, the Pitch
The most fascinating encounters make the best stories.
In choosing Yes to organise their meetings and conferences, incentives, gala evenings, our clients invite us to write a page of their histories for a few days or a few hours….
We take them from Paris to Bordeaux, from Mont Saint Michel to Beaunes, from Spain border to Saint Tropez, from Lille to Biarritz, giving them the benefit of our expertise, and in return, earning their loyalty.

Yes, the French Boutique DMC
Yes Agency is a DMC based in Paris and offers unique variety of services and creative programs for both Mice and leisure travel tourism markets, and meets all requirements of today’s corporate business planner.

Created in 2009, Yes is a two familiar face company with a young spirit. For almost a decade, we have been showing what we think a DMC is and how a DMC works.
Yes is your partner in France and Monaco, working for and with you.

Say Yes to France, and think Yes for a new way of working.

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Agence Yes

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Yes, the Pitch
The most fascinating encounters make the best stories.
In choosing Yes to organise their meetings and conferences, incentives, gala evenings, our clients invite us to write a page of their histories for a few days or a few hours….
We take them from Paris to Bordeaux, from Mont Saint Michel to Beaunes, from Spain border to Saint Tropez, from Lille to Biarritz, giving them the benefit of our expertise, and in return, earning their loyalty.

Yes, the French Boutique DMC
Yes Agency is a DMC based in Paris and offers unique variety of services and creative programs for both Mice and leisure travel tourism markets, and meets all requirements of today’s corporate business planner.

Created in 2009, Yes is a two familiar face company with a young spirit. For almost a decade, we have been showing what we think a DMC is and how a DMC works.
Yes is your partner in France and Monaco, working for and with you.

Yes, What make the difference ?

  • Our original approach to the destination, our team, our courage and pugnacity, our twenty five year old experience in event management and our commitment to make your event outstanding.
  • We are a two female owner company, knowing each other for more than 17 years: the small size of the agency allows flexibility and ability to adapt rapidly. It also means deep involvment of both partners on each project. A small size business means also that there is no small bid, we do work with the same vigour for big bids as for FIT, as our priority is meeting client requirements and satisfaction.
  • No staff turnover, which means one single contact from briefing to billing, even though you have started working with us one year ago.
  • Twenty five years of experience on the market for each partner, with 2 different and complementary faces: one partner started her career in hotel industry in Berlin and then joined a major communication agency in Paris dedicated to pharmaceutical events and medical congresses, the other owner worked for 10 years at the purchasing and event department of a French car manufacturer, and was in charge of car launches and worldwide meetings. This 2 decade involvement in business means strong knowledge of France as an incoming destination and strong supplier relationships.
  • Wide scope of events: seminars, meeting, roadshows over the French territory (by chartering trains for instance), gala dinners, teambuildings, incentive activities…
  • Wide scope of clients: pharmaceutical industry, car manufacturer, banking, insurances, IT…

Say Yes to France, and think Yes for a new way of working.