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Madeira Island – Dazzling Effect

©via Abreu and AP Madeira

A lost Paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean; surrounded by a mystical aura capable of taking us unforgettable sceneries.
For those who like feeling that perky adrenaline rush, Madeira will take you by surprise with the activities we have in store for you. You just have to choose the level of adrenaline from Canyoning the Laurissilva forest, mountain bike trails that nearly touching the clouds, to roaming the island using unique and epic classic cars and Toboggans.

Abreu Events Madeira can design your next events with unique approach that provides creative and innovative solutions, exceptional professional expertise and ensuring excellent services!

Contact us to find out more.

Educational Trip Madrid – Toledo

© via Abreu

During this educational trip we will be visiting Madrid and Toledo.

If there is one thing that characterizes Madrid, it is the deep, contagious passion for life reflected in its friendly, welcoming people.
Madrid boasts concerts, exhibitions, ballets, select theatre productions, and the latest cinematographic releases. You can sample a wide variety of the finest Spanish and international cuisine or be enchanted by its bars and taverns.
These are just some of Madrid’s leisure alternatives, alongside tempting shopping in the most traditional establishments and world-famous outlets stocking the finest international brands.

Toledo is the place to visit without any doubts. It was the former capital and it really reflects the majestic city for its splendorous monuments classified by the Unesco as world heritage. Besides, the cultural richness what really impresses people is the location and the geographic enclave. The city of Toledo is encircled by the Tagus River and it is perched majestically on a predominant hill.
Surely, you will enjoy the beautiful well preserved monuments, namely the Cathedral of Toledo for its grandeur and cultural interest (the sacristy hosts an important art collection), but for the interesting twist of Christian, Arabic and Hebrew influences.

This educational trip is on invite only and already full.

The full program and flight-schedule can be find on the right.

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Pulsing Energy of Madeira

© via Abreu – ®FC_Turismo da Madeira

Our agent Abreu created a very appealing offer to experience Madeira and stay for 3 nights at Belmond Reid’s Palace. The offer is valid from January to June 2018.

Please click here tot find this great promotion!

Let us know if you want to know more or to get into contact with the office of Abreu in Madeira.

Successful first edition of The Roadshow – 29 August / 2 September 2016

It’s a wrap: the first edition of our new MICE event The Roadshow was a success! In five days we traveled from Amsterdam to Brussels, Dusseldorf, Munich and Warsaw and met with interesting MICE specialists from all over Europe. Exhibitors showed their destinations and products, guests enjoyed inspiring speakers perform, watched special photography and art exhibitions and created a ‘live art piece’ together inspired by this year’s theme: ‘Art & the City’. In total we welcomed around 190 guests. Curious? Please find a short impression below:

Famous City Amsterdam
The kick-off of The Roadshow  took place in Amsterdam. During this first event in Amsterdam special speakers rocked the stage: Robin Cox of Citinerary and Valerie Reinhold of Redprint: dna shared their vision on how to promote a city / destination, seen through the eyes of the locals or from a personal point of view. Impressive images from the book Famous City Amsterdam (of well known photographer Marte Visser) were exposed throughout the venue and created a inspiring environment for the MICE meetings. Special live entertainment by singer and performer Siobhan de Jong.




Blooming Brussels
Hotel Bloom was the decor of the Brussels version of The Roadshow, a wonderful designed hotel in the city center. People listened to speaker Robin Cox, joined interesting meetings and enjoyed good food and drinks together. Just like in the other four cities, the guests in Brussels created a big art piece together and let their creative minds free.



Doing business in Dusseldorf
The meetings in Dusseldorf formed a vibrant get-together of interesting people who joined The Roadshow to get inspired and above all: to do some business. The meetings went on and on and our guests were enjoying every minute of it. The pictures below show the atmosphere in a nice and arty way, according to the theme Art & the City.



MICE experience Munich
Just like the other cities we had a blast in Munich. The venue was perfect for our one-to-one speed date sessions and created a relaxing setting for a busy business afternoon. Catching up with ‘old’ contacts and meeting with new ones leaded to a magnificent piece of art, designed by all our guests.



Welcome in Warsaw
The last stop of The Roadshow: Warsaw. Mysia3 was decorated with paintings made by Mr. Cieslak. Brainstorming, new ideas, fresh approaches and inspiring business contacts made the fifth day of the new MICE event a successful one.



Good news: in 2017 The Roadshow will continue! Stay tuned for more information, dates and ideas. Looking forward to meeting you there.


“Post-Olympic side of Brazil”: unforgettable nature experiences outside Rio

Iguazu Falls - Boat Ride

From August 5th to 21st Rio was the decor for the Olympic Games 2016. An international happening that has put Brazil on the worldwide map again. But besides sports, the country has a lot to offer when it comes to impressive nature and unique travel experiences. Especially outside Rio the landscapes and flora & fauna are breathtaking. Two must-sees for exploring the ‘Post-Olympic side of Brazil’:

Foz do Iguaçu 
Foz do Iguaçu, also known as ‘Foz’, is located in the south western federal state of Paraná. Foz is famous for its beautiful Parque Nacional do Iguaçu one of the most attractive and awe-inspiring natural sites in the world, a true masterpiece of nature. What you shouldn’t miss on a discovery trip to Foz do Iguaçu?

  • The incredible and powerful waterfalls with 3 km in extension – an unforgettable experience and memory for life.
  • Become face-to-face with 150 different species in the fascinating bird park.
  • Hop on a boat to see and experience the ‘Devil’s Throat’.
  • For adrenaline-lovers: make sure you do not miss a rappel, rafting or wakeboard experience and feel the energy of Iguazu falls.
  • Looking for the bigger perspective and are you truly waterfalls admirer? A helicopter tour will be the most unique way to discover the area.
  • Go and explore one of the many walking trails, and unveil the secrets of the rich flora and fauna of Brazil.

Iguazu Falls - Walkabout

[url=][img][/img][/url] Iguazu Waterfalls

Fortaleza is one of the hotspots many tourists like to discover and there are several reasons why. Take for example the year round tropical climate, the paradisiac beaches and endless shades of the blue sea and white sand. These conditions make Fortaleza the perfect location for water sports. Did you know that the world competitions for kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing are commonly being held here? But there is more:

  • Fortaleza is a surprising experience for food lovers, you will enjoy the succulent dishes of the northeastern gastronomy here.
  • Besides the beach and stunning natural scenery, the city’s skyscrapers, futuristic architecture and world class hotels make. Fortaleza a perfect destination for both leisure and MICE trips.
  • Make sure you visit Ceará, it has one of the most stunning coasts you will ever see, with almost 600km of beautiful and unique beaches.

Red beach of Canoa Quebrada in Ceara state brazil

"Sunset and skyline of Fortaleza, the state's capital of Ceara one of the most beautiful touristic attraction in the brazilian northeast"

For more information about Brazil, Foz do Iguaçu and Fortaleza, please contact our partner Abreu.

Educational Trip São Miguel Island – The Azores

S. Miguel (São Miguel), known as “The Green Island”, is the largest and most populated island of the Azores as well as the home to the Presidency of the Autonomous Region of the Azores. S. Miguel Island has a surfasse ( superfície) area of approximately 293 square miles (759 km2). The island covers 759 km2 (293 sq mi) and has around 150,000 inhabitants, 50,000 of them located in Ponta Delgada the largest city in the archipelago.

S. Miguel’s diverse scenery is a pleasant awakening ( paisagem diversificada de São Miguel) to visitors, with beautiful lakes, sandy beaches, rolling hills( Colinas), high mountains, green plains and blue ocean. S. Miguel is unlike any other destination in the world. Once you come you will want to come back.


The full program can be found on the right side of this webpage. An unique opportunity to experience this beautiful Island with Abreu and us. This year the Educational Trip to Azores is only open for Belgium participants.

Please be aware that we have limited spaces and you have to be approved by the partners. For the airport taxes you will be charged a participation fee of EUR 180,00.

Sign up below and we will contact you!

Escape winter, celebrate NYE in Brazil

Most people would love to escape the cold winter and enjoy a little sunshine abroad. Dreaming of white beaches, waving palm trees, having dinner outdoor and enjoy a cocktail while you watch the sun set after a long relaxing or working day. Why not just go for it? From New Year’s Eve to Carnival, Brazil is one of the best places to go in winter time. For leisure and MICE reasons.
Brazil_Rio fireworks


Relaxing in Rio

Let’s start the sunny winter journey in Rio, where it is impossible not to jump into the Cariocas (local residents) lifestyle and laid-back mindset. Enjoy the enchanting sound of samba, and relax at the famous beaches, from Copacabana to Ipanema. From Corcovado and Pão de Açucar you can overlook the city. Go surfing at Prainha, hiking “Morro dos Dois Irmãos”, sailing across the Guanabara bay, or simply enjoy the Lapa nightlife and relax at the beach.

Brazil_Rio beach

Soul food in Salvador

You can feel Salvador’s energy throughout the whole city. Take for example the capoeira circles, or the olodum shows on the streets. While walking the streets of Salvador the delicious smell of ‘acarajé’ and other mouthwatering delights fill the air. Salvador’s culture and African heritage make the city a cultural and charming place to visit.
Brazil Salvador IV
Brazil Salvador III
There are many reasons why you should visit Rio or Salvador. We will share a couple with you:
  • Rio has one of the Seven Wonders of the World – The Christ Redeemer”
  • Rio is the “Capital” of the Samba and Bossa Nova
  • Rio hosts the greatest and most exciting parties in the world – New Year’s Eve and Carnival
  • Salvador has a delicious gastronomy with good restaurants
  • In Salvador you will find distinctive venues suitable for various events, meetings and congresses
  • Salvador has a spectacular wildlife along the coast

For more information about Brazil as a winter and / or New Year’s destination, please contact our partner and Brazil specialist Abreu.

Happy holidays!

Abreu IIBrazil Salvador IIBrazil_Rio IIBrazil Salvador

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About Madeira’s rough MICE side

Madeira island (16)

Yes. Madeira is the Portugese island of flowers. Of walking for hours and of enjoying a beautiful sunset at the beach. However, Madeira also has a ‘rough’ side not many people know about. Did you? Let us introduce you to an outdoor paradise where adrenaline is king!

4x4 Abreu Madeira

4×4 experience
A 4×4 experience is something that will definitely boost your confidence and team skills. Together with colleagues, friends or travel buddies you will explore Madeira in a way that you never did before. Mud, speed and lots of laughter: give those wheels a spin!

Mountainbiking Abreu Madeira

Bike the Madeira mountains
An outdoor activity for old and young, that is mountain biking the island of Madeira. No professional bike rider yet? Do not worry. There are trails for starting and professional mountainbikers, which makes this activity interesting one for MICE and incentive trips.

Puenting Abreu Madeira

Thrill seekers only
Are you a real thrill seeker? A real one? Try Puenting at Madeira. The ultimate king of adrenaline. That’s for sure.

Interested in all outdoor MICE activities Madeira has to offer? Please contact our partner and Madeira specialist Abreu or visit their YouTube channel.

Educational Trip São Miguel Island – The Azores 2015


S. Miguel (São Miguel), known as “The Green Island”, is the largest and most populated island of the Azores as well as the home to the Presidency of the Autonomous Region of the Azores. S. Miguel Island has a surfasse ( superfície) area of approximately 293 square miles (759 km2). The island covers 759 km2 (293 sq mi) and has around 150,000 inhabitants, 50,000 of them located in Ponta Delgada the largest city in the archipelago.

S. Miguel’s diverse scenery is a pleasant awakening ( paisagem diversificada de São Miguel) to visitors, with beautiful lakes, sandy beaches, rolling hills( Colinas), high mountains, green plains and blue ocean. S. Miguel is unlike any other destination in the world. Once you come you will want to come back.


The full program can be found on the right side of this webpage.

An unique opportunity to experience this beautiful Island with Abreu and us. Should you wish to join this Educational Trip, please leave your contact details below.


Three times in love with Spain

Beautiful beaches, good wines and traditional gastronomy, friendly people, vibrant cities and breathtaking nature. Spain is a country to fall in love with. Once you have visited the Spanish cities and got to know their urban secrets, they will have a special place in your heart forever. A group trip to Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia will show you why. Amor, amor, amor!

Madrid-Chocolate-con-churros-Copyright-Madrid-Visitor-Convention-Bureau web

City of Gaudí, Dalí, Miró… the city of Modernism. However, there is mucho mas! On a three day discovery group trip you will unveil her secrets…

After you have arrived and discovered took a sneak peak around by yourself, the Barcelona trip continues with a spectacular visit to the modernism buildings. From the Santa Maria del Mar church and Sagrada Familia to the contemporary Torre Agbar. The next day you will see and experience the city from a whole other perspective: from the water on a private group catamaran cruise. The fourth day will be ‘Gotic Quarter’ day, the neighbourhood where it all began. Small street, old buildings and numerous monuments. A good way to end the group trip to Barcelona and understand the roots of this beautiful city.

3 nights | Hotel Catalonia Ramblas**** | B&B | airport transfers | city tour | catamaran | walking tours | > 20 pax | € 750,-

View proposal of Abreu: Espanha Barcelona Salvador Dali dreams

View proposal of Abreu: Template Pacotes Espanha Barcelona

Barcelona Abreu

Barcelona Abreu

Did you know that, besides Paëlla and beach, Valencia is also the city of arts and science? Interesting highlights, good food and friendly people create the perfect setting for a group trip get-away…

After arrival and transfer, the Valencia discovery tour kicks-off with a walking tour through the city. The old quarter, Plaza de la Virgen, Basilica, Generalitat Palace and many more highlights will give a good first impression of Valencia. The second day it only takes a short drive to get from the city buzz to natural serenity: Parque Natural de la Albufera. Marshlands, woodland, dunes and a lake are home to remarkable species and favourite stopover for migratory birds. A visit to Museo Bellas Artes will end the day. The third day will be all about panoramic visits: Turia Gardens and the bridges, Palacio de Congresos, Palau de la Música, and visit to the opera house known as Palau de les Arts. There is also time to discover the marine life at Parque Oceanográfico, one of Europe’s largest! The Valencia experience will end by discovering the Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas, including Picasso’s creations, and a visit to the Patriarca church, museum and calle de la Paz.

3 nights | Hotel Ayre Astoria Palace**** | B&B | airport transfers | Panoramic visit  Nature Park | Museo Bellas Artes | city of science & arts | historic city visit | > 20 pax | € 485,-

View proposal of Abreu: Valencia

Valencia Abreu

Valencia Abreu

Magical Madrid; a city of joy. Let the Flamenco music enchant you on a very special group trip to the capital of Spain…

The first introduction to Madrid will be the transfer from the airport to the hotel. The next day Madrid’s vibrant energy and rich heritage will inspire you the minute you walk the streets of this beautiful city. Enjoy the attractions, different architectural styles (that range from medieval to neo-classic) and are blending in with the romantic and modern buildings. The next stop: the cosmopolitan Spanish “broadway” – Gran Vía, Alcalá, Castellana and Recoletos, before passing through the charming and exuberant squares. Day three is Flamenco day. This dance is one of Spain’s most vibrant kinds of art. Imagine an afternoon with a Spanish guitarist and a beautiful flamenco dancer enchanting your ears with their mystical music. Become flamenco dancers in an official studio and learn the basic dance steps and castanets movements. A group walking tour in the famous Latina district will complete the Flamenco experience.Time to go home!

3 nights | Hotel Intercontinental Madrid***** | B&B | airport transfers | Madrid highlights | Flamenco | > 20 pax | € 650,-

View proposal of Abreu: Teaser Madrid

Madrid-Fuente-de-Cibeles-Copyright-Madrid-Visitors-Convention-Bureau Abreu

Madrid Abreu Flamenco

For more information on group and MICE trips to Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and Spain, please contact our partner Abreu.

United States of America

Abreu Tours, Inc

Abreu Tours, Inc is our partner in the United States of America and part of the Abreu Travel Group.  Established in Oporto in 1840 and has grown into one of the leading, most successful travel companies in the travel industry employing over 1400 staff worldwide.  Abreu Tours was founded in 1974 and has established a strong reputation for providing our clients with excellent value for money, the highest standard of service, creative technology and expertise.

Abreu Tours is operation within the USA in the following cities:

  • New York
  • Orlando
  • Miami
  • Chicago
  • Washington DC
  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • New Orleans
  • Tampa

With a vast experience and knowledge within the many USA destinations, our Groups & Incentives department can provide:

  • Dedicated Project Leader
  • Professional Expertise
  • Hotel Contracting
  • Venues finding
  • Team – building activities
  • Cultural Activities
  • High Quality of Service


Orlando, FL – Where Dreams Come True

  • City of the most amazing Theme Parks in the World
  • Excellent locations for events, from congresses to small sales meetings
  • Unique activities suitable for all ages
  • Variety of international restaurants from all over the world
  • Golf all year round
  • Unique hotels with themed guest rooms

From the Magic Kingdom to magical meals, Orlando sparkles with the promise of adventure. Spend a day exploring the world-famous Disney theme parks, giggling with the dolphins at SeaWorld, or screaming your head off on a Universal Studios roller coaster. For a less adrenaline-pumping evening, enjoy one the many restaurants the city has to offer. From local southern to international cuisine, Orlando has options for every taste.


Miami, FL – A Paradise

  • Great weather year round
  • Excellent shopping malls and spas
  • Outdoors activities and water sea sports
  • Variety of international restaurants from all over the world
  • Golf all year round
  • Unique hotels, from classic resorts to sophisticated boutique

From beautiful beaches to magnificent cosine, Miami has it all. Spend a day relaxing on the white sandy beaches or one of the many spas the city has to offer. For an evening of fun, Miami has many options to offer. From luxurious cuisine to world famous night clubs, Miami has it all.

New York

New York, NY – A Beauty

  • Unique location in North America
  • Excellent shopping locations
  • Multiple choices of distinct activities
  • Variety of international restaurants from all over the world
  • Great locations suited for business and fun
  • Unique hotels, from classic to sophisticated boutique

New York City is filled with culture, sports, history, restaurants and shopping in abundance. The city is famous for all the well-loved landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. All the fashion, history, culture makes New York an exceptional destination that make one want to come back over and over again. New York City offers great options in hotels, restaurants, and activities. New York is also known for its big New Year’s celebration and the extraordinary night life.

Learn more about Abreu and/or the United States of America.

Award winning Abreu

On September 19th, the Publituris Portugal Travel Awards took place. Scenery for this festive event? The majestic Mosteiro de Alcobaça, considered to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Pedro Award Abreu Melhor DMC

And the winner is…
What made this event even more a special one, was the winner of the award Best DMC in Portugal: our partner and Portugal specialist Abreu! They have distinguished themselves in the tourism sector throughout the past year and have been awarded for their activities in the Portugese MICE business. A prize to be proud of. “It was a great pleasure and honor to receive the award of Best DMC in Portugal 2014”, says Pedro Manuel Morgado, Managing Director at Abreu.

Brazil’s natural beauty

Brazil was taking over our early summer days. We all watched the soccer games and saw Messi and Robben impress the world with their amazing moves. Of course, right after the championships ended we were back ‘on earth’ and inmediately realized that the country has so much more to offer. From the Copa Cobana to the beautiful beaches, vibrant city of Sao Paulo and Carnaval in Rio. However, the breathtaking nature of Brazil probably did not cross your mind at first. We are about to change that for you 😉


Paradise on earth
Brazil is a paradise for nature lovers. The Amazon and Pantanal are the most important nature areas in the country. More than 50.000 different types flowers and numerous birds are living in this beautfil part of South America; from toucan and arara to hummingbirds, parrots and hawks. Mammals like the tapir, monkey and pink river dolfin call Brazil their home. Depending on where and when you are expoloring Brazil, the climate will be different. The south side of the country is known for its sea climate and winter periods including snowy days. If you travel up north, the climate changes into a tropical paradise. Walking at the coastline or in the Amazon rainforests you will experience a high humidity.


Iguassu Falls
With a natural frame of the world’s most beautiful places, Iguassu Falls is virtually a Babel Tower. In addition to the Brazilians, Argentinos and Paraguayans who divide the triple border region, the city is visited by people from various corners of the world. Attracted by the waterfalls of the Iguazu River, a series of 275 waterfalls that reach 90 meters, tourists will not only be surprised by her stunning looks but also by the different ways to enjoy it. Iguassu Falls has many options of accommodation at several hotels, and an international airport, served by major national and a couple of international airlines. Besides the well-known tourist attractions, you will find a wide variety of restaurants, steakhouses, bars and nightclubs here.


Surrounded by the magnificent Rio Negro, Manaus is the gateway to the largest rainforest in the world and also known as Capital of Amazonas State. The city has incredible natural resources. Did you know that 20% of the freshwater reserve of the world can be found here? Manaus emerged in the second half of the seventeenth century with the construction of Fort São José da Barra. Purpose: to protect the region against foreign invasion. Manaus is definitely worth a visit while on a once in a lifetime experience or business trip to Brazil.

Madeira FAM trip – 28 November / 1 December 2014

Madeira; the beautiful island and archipelago that also contains the island of Porto Santo. An exceptional destination and a place mentioned by travellers from all over the world. Come and join us on a surprising FAM trip and discover all Madeira has to offer! From the luxurious hotels and the vibrant archipelago’s capital Funchal to the extraordinary cuisine and breathtaking nature. Get inspired!

Madeira island (16)

We have the opportunity to organize two Fam Trips to Madeira: one for the Dutch and one for the Belgium market. For details of the Fam trip for Belgian buyers, please see the dates below and flight schedule on the right side of this page. The information regarding the Dutch trip will follow soon. Please follow our blog, and we will keep you posted!

Belgium Buyers trip from Brussel to Lisbon:

November 28th – December 1st 2014

Want to know more about this Fam. Trip? Please leave your details below and we will contact you.


Benelux Business Breakfast – 21 May 2014

Benelux Business Breakfast

BBB is a free breakfast networking event during international fairs. A change to socialize and meet with other leading persons from our industry. Complete your registration today.

Wednesday, 21st May 2014. We start at 08.30 and stop at 10.00 hours

Trade floor IMEX at the Kempinski Hotels, Stand No. F580

You need to be a qualified Hosted Buyer from the Benelux!

You have to complete your registration to join the Benelux Business Breakfast. Please complete you registration today as our hosted buyer guest list is limited!
(Don’t forget to bring your badge)
*The organisation has the right to cancel your registration.

Benelux Business Breakfast @IMEX is powered by:


Brazil Educational Trip


This Fam. Trip will be organized in October this year. Are you responsible to send groups to this continent and do you have the urgent need to explore Brazil? Do you want to sell Brazil better to your clients? Please don’t hesitate and sign up, who knows you are one of the lucky ones to join! Our partners TAP and Abreu DMC will support us all the way and will decide who will be the lucky ones.
On the right side of this page you will find the program and flight schedule.

This Educational Trip is fully booked and closed for registrations. 


Explore Madrid

We are planning a fantastic program for you; it’s going to be Madrid in combination with Toledo. You will experience their hospitality during your stay! This Fam Trip is powered by our partner Abreu.



In Brazil since the 70’s, and after three successful years in Rio de Janeiro as a DMC and PCO, ABREU will soon be further expanding its operations in South America, with the addition of its PCO business unit in Sao Paulo, Operational in Portugal since 1978, the PCO reputation it is preceded by a tradition of well succeeded International Conferences and Congresses portfolio.

Abreu is now expanding its knowledge, know how, own reservation system technology and congress operation expertise into Brazil, and Sao Paulo seamed to be the natural and most logical destination, due to its excellent infrastructures and exposure for large International events.
Rio de Janeiro, with its exotic glamour, unique landscape and excellent ground solutions remains as the main operational destination for the DMC unit, featuring within short and reasonable distance other unique pre and post Incentive destinations such as the Iguassu Falls, Manaos and Salvador da Bahia.
We will be looking forward to welcoming you at the C450, in order to share our deep knowledge, ideas and creativity, that will certainly make the difference for your next successful event.








Madrid – Cosmopolitan and Elegant

  • Capital of Spain and Historical Centre
  • Monumentak and Majestic Flavour
  • Superb Venues for any type of events
  • Unrivalled Night Life
  • Intense Cultural and Artistic Activity
  • Accessible and well connected to the World

Madrid is the melting pot for the different “Spanish cultures” making a unique and thriving city where you are never an outsider.
Madrid is the centre of Spanish business and the capital of Spain that combines sophisticated elegance with its majestic monuments and palaces, wide streets and boulevards, magnificent fountains and squares provide an amazing scenario for an unforgettable experience. Close by the city and within easy reach you have many of the main attractions in Spain, such as the magnificent Escorial Monastery and Medieval Toledo the former capital of the Spanish Empire and a World Heritage site. Madrid and its surroundings are impregnated with Spanish History and fully prepared for the most demanding of events, all the major elements are there, Hotel capacity, easy reach from anywhere in the world, immaculate Conference and Congress Centres together with its incredible choice of restaurants, bars and entertainment, makes Madrid an ideal spot for all kinds of venues.


Barcelona – Where your Dreams are Possible

  • An open City to the World with the latest trends
  • One of Europe’s most fashionable and accessible destinations
  • Outstanding and Original Venues
  • Ample capacity and quality from the very small to Large Events
  • Perfect blend of Style from Modernism to Classic
  • The best of Mediterranean flavour

Barcelona is a perfect blend of traditional and modern styles and Spain’s most unique Mediterranean city, where Gothic and Modernism coexist with exquisite harmony. Barcelona is a city where innovation is key for its amazing progress to become one of Europe’s most fashionable and accessible destinations.
Barcelona is full of vitality anywhere you go and renowned to be a step ahead and ready for any challenges. Barcelona is an open port to the world with its long history of hospitality and special welcome to new ideas. Its conference Centers, unique venues, superb hotels and outstanding restaurants makes Barcelona an excellent choice for any type of events and a guarantee for success.


Sevilla – Southern Magic and Romance

  • Spanish splendour and Originality all around
  • Birthplace of Flamenco
  • Historical Palaces, Cortijos and Haciendas to enhance the experience of any event
  • Breathtaking Monuments and Charming Quarters
  • Culinary and literally limitless offers like the famous ‘tapas’ invented in Sevilla
  • Large events organization experience and an ample choice of unique, original, elegant and historical venues

Sevilla is the capital of Andalucía, deep Spanish south, birthplace of Flamenco and perhaps, (as the poet said,) “There are no worthy words to describe the beauty of the city in front of my eyes” one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Sevilla with its palaces, monuments old and new is an ideal place to let your imagination flow, just a stroll through the delightful old quarters of Santa Cruz with its famous tapas bars (tapas are said to have been invented here), a ride in a horse-drawn carriage or dinner in one of the “cortijos” near the city will cast the spell of the unique and special magic that is Sevilla’s gift to all who visit.
Close by you have Jerez, the most important Sherry wine region in the world, Cordoba and Granada, also within a few hours drive. Just to mention a few of the elements that makes Sevilla a prime destination for your incentive program or any other event.


Valencia – Art, Technology and Paella

  • A beautiful Mediterranean destination
  • The birthplace of the real Spanish Paella
  • Many Restaurant and Venues for different sizes of events
  • A Great Climate nearly all year round
  • Perfect blend of style, an Ancient centre full of history and a very modern area near the River
  • The best of the Mediterranean Flavour!

Valencia can be a city of clichés: the light, the moon, the gun-powder, the paella, the flowers, the fallas… they are keys which attempt to explain what words cannot tell. It is necessary to visit and get to know Valencia to verify that centenary traditions live together with modernity; that sea and city are compatible; that the green color of farms can be kept together with a modern urban scheme; that Valencia is unique at night and during the day.
But the capital of the river Turia is more than that. In addition to the innumerable attractions which the city has had for years, now there is a series of showy infrastructures such as the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences) and the Museo Príncipe Felipe (Prince Philip Museum) which, as they are located in this environment, are linked to culture. Valencia has put the icing on the cake, although it will not have a rest and will go on decorating its succulent presentation.
Valencia used to be a nice provincial City, but after the “Americas Cup” and the Formula 1, its become a very International, brilliant and great place where to organize any kind of Events and Conferences.



Learn more about Abreu and/or Spain.


Lisbon – A Fado

  • Perfect mix of Heritage and Modernity
  • Unique combination of City, Resorts and Mountain within 30 minutes drive
  • Unique locations for all size of events, from large congresses to a small sales meeting
  • Unique venues, from 16th century palaces to trendy and modern restaurants
  • Outdoors activities in and out of the city
  • Unique hotels, from classic to sophisticated boutique

Lisbon is the city of seven hills, superbly expressed in the fado songs. Old Lisbon, overlooking the River Tagus, bears the mark of genius of the Marquis of Pombal as well as the unmistakable contours of the former empire. Modern Lisbon, which also lives hand in hand with the river, is an open window on the modern world. Lisbon, in its many different facets, is a permanent meeting point of culture, shows, large-scale organizations and great events. Not far from the city we can find the charm of Estoril and Cascais and the sublime beauty of Sintra, an ancient village that is a UNESCO world heritage site.


Oporto – A Toast

  • Perfect mix of Heritage and Modernity
  • Unique cultural combinations with the Northern Cities, the Douro River and its valley’s vineyards
  • Unique locations for events, from congresses to small sales meetings
  • Unique venues, from 19th century palaces to trendy and modern restaurants, passing by exclusive wine cellars
  • Outdoors activities and river cruises
  • Unique hotels, from classic to sophisticated boutique

Porto is cultural tradition and architectural heritage. Porto is modernity, fashion, classical and modern music, contemporary art. Porto is a walk by the river mouth, an opulent dinner, S. João’s night, and fireworks. Porto is an afternoon spent in a coffee house, in a garden or strolling on a street. Porto is a rabelo traditional boat anchored on the River Douro. Porto is a vintage full-bodied strong wine from the Upper Douro winemaking region, a world heritage site, with an eternal toast to life itself!


Algarve – A dream

  • Moorish Cultural heritage
  • Resort type of locations for events, from congresses to small sales meetings
  • Unique climate, suitable for all year round venues
  • Outdoors activities and water sea sports
  • Golf all year round
  • Unique hotels, from classic resorts to sophisticated boutique

Algarve is Portugal’s veranda overlooking North Africa and the Mediterranean. It is a region of long beaches with fine, white sand, perpetually linking the blue sea and the bright sun. Algarve is a region containing some of Europe’s most renowned resorts, where Portugal and the world’s beautiful people ensure they have a reservation. Algarve is good weather the whole year through, which is very pleasing for the golfers that come from all over the world. Algarve is a suntanned body, a perfumed pine forest, a fish that leaps from the boat onto the table of the best gourmets.


Madeira – A Pearl

  • Best European climate, mild all year round
  • Suitable locations for events, from congresses to small sales meetings
  • Outdoors activities and water sea sports
  • Unique landscaping and exclusive trekking or hiking activities
  • Golf all year round
  • Unique sea facing hotels, from classic to sophisticated boutique

Madeira, which is the name of the island and the archipelago that also contains the island of Porto Santo, was first called the Pearl of the Atlantic a long time ago. Madeira is, in actual fact, a rare gem, an exceptional destination, a place mentioned by travellers from all over the world. The hotels of supreme grandeur, the contagious night-life, and the outstanding cuisine are some of the plus points that make visitors want to visit the archipelago and return time and again. Funchal, the archipelago’s capital, is a city emanating a perfume of leisure time and pure fun – dancing and joking at carnival time, or watching the completely unique fireworks display that forms part of Madeira’s New Year’s Eve celebrations every year.

Azores – A Paradise

  • Unique location on mid North Atlantic Ocean
  • Suitable locations for events, from congresses to small sales meetings
  • Outdoors activities and water sea sports
  • Whale and Wild Dolphins watching
  • Unique landscaping and exclusive trekking or hiking activities
  • Golf courses
  • Classic and modern hotels

The archipelago of the Azores is formed by nine islands of rare beauty and charm in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Nine expressions of Nature that make you want to take all the time in the world to discover them. Santa Maria, S. Miguel, S. Jorge, Pico, Faial, Graciosa, Terceira, Flores and Corvo. Each island is certain to be a revelation. The Azores are a living example, in the purest form, of what we would imagine paradise to be like, between the sun and the mist, and the green land and the blue of the sea. The people of the Azores have a very special way of welcoming guests, of keeping their history alive, of expressing their culture, of valorising and promoting the potential of their numerous destination attributes.

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