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Need for speed in the Swiss mountains

Porsche driving in snow Switserland

Switzerland. The country of impressive mountain tops, luxurious watches, delicate chocolates… and wintersports. Especially during winter season a lot of people are visiting the country to experience the Swiss mountains. From skiing and boarding to sledding and snow shoe hiking. There is enough for every kind of adventure seeker and every kind of incentive trip.

Adrenaline seekers
One of the best adrenaline kickers is probably the winter driving experience in the Swiss snow. Imagine driving a Porsche Carrera or a shiny Cadillac, drifting through the fresh snow and gliding on ice. The perfect activity for a business incentive or team building trip during the winter season. After a early morning drive through the mighty Swiss mountains, the driver will be challenged to speed it up on a special prepared racing route. Professional guidance will ensure the driving experience will be once in a lifetime but above all save one.

Porsche driving in snow Switzerland

Porsche pow(d)er
A good place to go snow driving is La Diablerests, between Lake Geneva and Gstaad. In a stylish Porsche the Swiss mountains surrounding La Diablerets seem to be even more fun than ever before. Les Diablerets, is an important center for adventure sports, located at an altitude of 1200 meters. Even in summer, the Glacier 3000 ski region in the heart of the Vaud Alps offers skiing and glacier enjoyment over an expansive area.

Porsche driving in snow Switzerland

Cadillac fever
Another must-try is the ice driving Cadillac experience in Gstaad. Gstaad is a bilingual village in the German-speaking part of the Canton of Bern in the southwestern Switzerland. It is part of the municipality of Saanen and is known as a major ski resort and a popular destination amongst the high society and the international jet set. The winter campus of the Institute Le Rosey is located in Gstaad. Gstaad has a population of about 3,200 and is located 1.050 meters (3.445 feet) above sea level. A perfect place for ice driving in a sohisticated Cadillac.

Cadillac driving in snow Switzerland

Cadillac driving in snow Switzerland

Benelux Business Breakfast – 21 May 2014

Benelux Business Breakfast

BBB is a free breakfast networking event during international fairs. A change to socialize and meet with other leading persons from our industry. Complete your registration today.

Wednesday, 21st May 2014. We start at 08.30 and stop at 10.00 hours

Trade floor IMEX at the Kempinski Hotels, Stand No. F580

You need to be a qualified Hosted Buyer from the Benelux!

You have to complete your registration to join the Benelux Business Breakfast. Please complete you registration today as our hosted buyer guest list is limited!
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*The organisation has the right to cancel your registration.

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