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Diving destination Malta

Malta, a divers’ dream. Did you know that in 2013 Malta was named 2nd best diving destination in the world by the DIVER awards? So even beter than 2012 when malta was already the 3rd best diving destination. No surprise if you see the beautiful beaches, rocks and undersea wildlife. Malta even managed to be the first European destination to beat divers paradise the Maldives. Egypt, also well known for perfect diving spots, ended up first place. While diving in Malta you will experience a very clear view, almost no ocean currents, spectacular wrecks, tunnels and caves. Water temperature goes from 21 degrees in February to 27 degrees in summer. A year-round diving paradise! Get yourself a wetsuit and discover the underwater world full of stunning reefs, tunas, barracuda’s and octopus. All diving spots are easy to reach and interesting for first time divers and pros. This makes it a good idea for any teambuilding or incentive trip.

Diving Malta

Let’s take you on a diving tour around, and visit a couple of remarkable spots in Malta, Gozo and Comino!

1. “Blue Lagoon”, Comino

In Comino the numerous tunnels and hidden caves will give you an impressive experience of underwater life. Hundreds of fish will ‘meet’ along the way and eat out of your hands!  The famous Blue Lagoon is wonderful to snorkel and with a depth of 3m perfect for first time divers. To the south of the lagoon you will find a beautiful underwater cave, including a fresh air chamber. Besides a diving and snorkeling spot, the Blue Lagoon has one of the most beautiful beaches of Malta.

Blue Lagoon

2. Double Arch Reef, Gozo

The Double Arch Reef is a real 5 star diving spot at the North side of Gozo, approximately 200m offshore. This rocky headland is known for its two large archeways and impressive formations, that have been carved out by nature. Here you will find hundreds of sea urchins, sea grass while cuttlefish, octopus and groups of small fish will cross you way down. Depending on the weather and water conditions, there are two way to go there,

Snorkelling Malta

3. “Le Polynesien”

There are various ship wrecks to be discovers in the Maltese waters. The most impressive one is “Le Polynesien”, the Titanic of Malta. This 19th century cruiseline shipwreck is known as one of the most beautiful wrecks in the world. A real off-shore museum peace lying at 60 meters below sea level. The magnificent passenger liner sunk by a German U-boat during World War I. After al those years, still in one piece! Note: this diving spot is for technical pros only.

Diving Malta

Benelux Business Breakfast – 21 May 2014

Benelux Business Breakfast

BBB is a free breakfast networking event during international fairs. A change to socialize and meet with other leading persons from our industry. Complete your registration today.

Wednesday, 21st May 2014. We start at 08.30 and stop at 10.00 hours

Trade floor IMEX at the Kempinski Hotels, Stand No. F580

You need to be a qualified Hosted Buyer from the Benelux!

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