All our partners have excess to our CRM system called HighRise:

With opening the CRM system for all partners we do our reporting via the CRM-system. You will be able to see the relevant history by each contact, as of the moment we opened the system for you.

We hope you love working with HighRise as we do and please feel free to adjust contact details if you see something is not correct or know that someone changed job etc. As we have at this moment around 27,500 contact in the system, there will always be updates/changes of people and companies.

The CRM system is quite simple, but we have some guidelines to make it work for everybody in the correct way.

General notes
The system is fully web based. All communication within the HighRise account of Travelmediate has to been done in English. All entries have to be done private and should only be open for your own group (your company), so each partner sees the for them relevant information. When input is made visible for everybody all users can see this!

The people from Travelmediate are member of all groups, so we can see all, but each partner is only member of his own group, as it is not relevant for you to see the notes made for or by one of the other partners.

When you login the first time to HighRise you will get the Welcome screen with explanation and introduction about the system. With the following logins you can choose to not show this first screen and go straight to the Latest Activity screen.

Always on top of the page you can straight jump to contacts, cases, deals etc.

Latest activity
This is a kind of dashboard at which you will see an overview of all latest notes, deals, cases, tasks, etc. which are relevant for you. Below a screenshot with some extra information:

At the contact page you will find all contacts, companies and persons. You can search the contact always via the top of the screen, but also via other options. Below a screenshot with some extra information:

Entering new contacts
All contacts will be entered by first entering the company with all address details, please make sure you use the specific fields, so the City in the field for City and not at the address line, otherwise it will not filter in the correct way. Next to that give them the right Tag.

Next the contact persons of the company will be entered, please note that only the direct contact details of the contact person will be entered at this place, so direct phone and direct email. The title of the contact person must be entered. So we know which positions our contact persons has within that specific company. After the direct contact details have been entered a mailing Tag must be entered for this person.

The contacts have to be visible for the country Group, so a contact from Germany for the Group German Partners and a contact from The Netherlands for the Group Benelux Partners, etc.

When you want to enter a note at a specific person or company, before clicking on Add this note always open the show options filed as market in Red below and make sure this note is for your company.

When opening the Show options field you will see below screen and options.

When you send an email straight from HighRise to a specific person, after sending the email always click in the pencil icon to open options filed as market in Red below and make sure to adjust the visibility of this email to your company. You can also add the email to a specific Deal or Case.

When opening the options field you will see below screen and options.

At the page Deals you will see all relevant deals for you, which are pending, won or lost. When making a new deal you have to do it straight from the company, as shown in the first screenshot below.

When creating a new deal, please make sure you always make this visible for the specific DMC. Create always the deal with the company and not the person, so you will have an overview at the companies and when one persons moves from job, you still have your deal visible at the company.

Use the following standard sett-up for creating the name of the deal:
YEAR|Quarter|DMC|Place|Date|Pax|Group reference. To give an example please see how we should name a group for the DMC EZ Greece for Athens 50pax in from 18 to 20 October 2019 and the group name or reference is BouwNed Twente, it should be like:
2019|Q4|EZG|Athens|18-20 October 2019|50pax|BouwNed Twente
Once the deal is created you can add persons to the specific deal, create tasks with the deals.

Cases can be used for project management. We use this for example for Educational Trips etc. You can add persons to the case, create tasks and add notes, files etc.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.