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ADN Amazonia

© via ADN Amazonia

ADN is the French acronym for DNA, and Amazonia is the green diamond that we offer you to discover.

« The best way to discover the Amazing Amazonia »

ADN Amazonia is the first 100% MICE DMC to open the doors of Amazonia in Guyana and Suriname.

French Guiana and Suriname are almost unknown destinations that are full of unusual resources and yet untapped in the incentive market.

These two new destinations are gold nuggets for agencies looking to surprise their customers. They offer a diversity, a natural and historical richness that allow us to open the doors of two authentic destinations with new creative and tailor-made programs.

The world is vast, stay close.

French Guiana offers you the opportunity to ad a 100% incentive destinations to your tool box.

Incentive houses always looking for new surprising destinations.

French Guiana and Surinam are both a new field of business to be developed for your clients. 

The 7 keys points:

  1. Unspoiled destination;
  2. Authentic & Unique access to the first ages and traditions still handle by the Amerindians Tribes and Bushinengue communities;
  3. Pristine & preserved forest / rivers;
  4. Communities treated with the upmost respect (huge CSR possibilities regarding to their needs);
  5. Daily flight from Paris to French GuIana with AF and possibility to fly as an open jaw back directly from Surinam to Amsterdam with KLM;
  6. Smooth jet lag (GMT -3);
  7. 330 sunny days.

Want to know more about AND Amazonia or the destinations French Guiana or Suriname, just let us know and we will contact you.

French Guiana

© via ADN Amazonia

Feet on earth, head in the stars!

Guiana will take you from the jungle, through the rivers and the primary forest, to the history of the space conquest at the National Center for Space Studies in Kourou. You will meet the past by meeting the Amerindians, heirs of the soul of the forest. They still live in a traditional way in the heart of their tribes where ancestral traditions are perpetuated.

You will dive into the future by exchanging with passionate and passionate engineers who will make you discover the history of space and its future developments. Depending on the dates, you will be able to attend rocket launches and visit the National Center for Space Studies.

In Devil’s Island too, none like the Isle of Salvation, you’ll discover the French Alcatraz.

At the heart of the prison, you will surely meet the ghost of Steeve McQueen in the role of Butterfly, after sailing in the middle of the mythical islands, sometimes island of the devil sometimes islands of salvation, you can swim in the pool of prisoners, in a blue water at 27 °.

In the French Everglades you will take the night canoe to observe the caimans and the nocturnal fauna, or try to identify one of the 667 bird species listed. You will fly over the Amazon and discover the magical spectacle of the canopy, you will sleep in hammocks, in eco lodges.

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© via The Suriname Tourism Foundation

The Sacred Land of Amerindians, the foot print of Dutch Colonies.

In Suriname you will discover an unknown side of South America.

This former English colony, conquered by the Dutch in 1667, was administered by the West India Company. A century of revolts and marronnage about the recognition of the autonomy of slaves in the forest with the Bushinengues (men of the forest). The Black Maroon community was born and remains alive nowadays. Many picturesque and authentic villages line the rivers that are in harmony with the Amerindians.

It was not until 1975 that Suriname gained independence to become the Republic of Suriname.

Here the Dutch imprint is striking and Paramaribo, the capital, is an example of cultural integration.

17th century Dutch architecture streets are animated by a multi-ethnic population where Javanese rub shoulders with Bushinengues, Blacks, Amerindians, Hindustani and Dutch.

You will observe the pink dolphins, make a private cruise at sunset between river and ocean, you can introduce you to the sport fishing or learn the survival in the forest with the Amerindians, visit the old coffee plantation, organize galas dinners in places out of the time, sleep in eco lodges in the middle of the forest.

You will also be able to discover the magnificent spectacle of gigantic rocks of Kwamalasamutu, the land of the Amerindians Tiriyó which extends on more than 3 hectares decorated with at least 350 sacred sculptures.

This region kept its secret until 2004 when the Werehpai Caverns were discovered, whose walls have been home for more than 4000 years of petroglyphs depicting abstract forms evoking the universe of early ages.

Want to know more about our DMC for this destination ADN Amazonia or about the destination itself? Please leave your details below and we will contact you.