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About Madeira’s rough MICE side

Madeira island (16)

Yes. Madeira is the Portugese island of flowers. Of walking for hours and of enjoying a beautiful sunset at the beach. However, Madeira also has a ‘rough’ side not many people know about. Did you? Let us introduce you to an outdoor paradise where adrenaline is king!

4x4 Abreu Madeira

4×4 experience
A 4×4 experience is something that will definitely boost your confidence and team skills. Together with colleagues, friends or travel buddies you will explore Madeira in a way that you never did before. Mud, speed and lots of laughter: give those wheels a spin!

Mountainbiking Abreu Madeira

Bike the Madeira mountains
An outdoor activity for old and young, that is mountain biking the island of Madeira. No professional bike rider yet? Do not worry. There are trails for starting and professional mountainbikers, which makes this activity interesting one for MICE and incentive trips.

Puenting Abreu Madeira

Thrill seekers only
Are you a real thrill seeker? A real one? Try Puenting at Madeira. The ultimate king of adrenaline. That’s for sure.

Interested in all outdoor MICE activities Madeira has to offer? Please contact our partner and Madeira specialist Abreu or visit their YouTube channel.

Award winning Abreu

On September 19th, the Publituris Portugal Travel Awards took place. Scenery for this festive event? The majestic Mosteiro de Alcobaça, considered to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Pedro Award Abreu Melhor DMC

And the winner is…
What made this event even more a special one, was the winner of the award Best DMC in Portugal: our partner and Portugal specialist Abreu! They have distinguished themselves in the tourism sector throughout the past year and have been awarded for their activities in the Portugese MICE business. A prize to be proud of. “It was a great pleasure and honor to receive the award of Best DMC in Portugal 2014”, says Pedro Manuel Morgado, Managing Director at Abreu.


Lisbon – A Fado

  • Perfect mix of Heritage and Modernity
  • Unique combination of City, Resorts and Mountain within 30 minutes drive
  • Unique locations for all size of events, from large congresses to a small sales meeting
  • Unique venues, from 16th century palaces to trendy and modern restaurants
  • Outdoors activities in and out of the city
  • Unique hotels, from classic to sophisticated boutique

Lisbon is the city of seven hills, superbly expressed in the fado songs. Old Lisbon, overlooking the River Tagus, bears the mark of genius of the Marquis of Pombal as well as the unmistakable contours of the former empire. Modern Lisbon, which also lives hand in hand with the river, is an open window on the modern world. Lisbon, in its many different facets, is a permanent meeting point of culture, shows, large-scale organizations and great events. Not far from the city we can find the charm of Estoril and Cascais and the sublime beauty of Sintra, an ancient village that is a UNESCO world heritage site.


Oporto – A Toast

  • Perfect mix of Heritage and Modernity
  • Unique cultural combinations with the Northern Cities, the Douro River and its valley’s vineyards
  • Unique locations for events, from congresses to small sales meetings
  • Unique venues, from 19th century palaces to trendy and modern restaurants, passing by exclusive wine cellars
  • Outdoors activities and river cruises
  • Unique hotels, from classic to sophisticated boutique

Porto is cultural tradition and architectural heritage. Porto is modernity, fashion, classical and modern music, contemporary art. Porto is a walk by the river mouth, an opulent dinner, S. João’s night, and fireworks. Porto is an afternoon spent in a coffee house, in a garden or strolling on a street. Porto is a rabelo traditional boat anchored on the River Douro. Porto is a vintage full-bodied strong wine from the Upper Douro winemaking region, a world heritage site, with an eternal toast to life itself!


Algarve – A dream

  • Moorish Cultural heritage
  • Resort type of locations for events, from congresses to small sales meetings
  • Unique climate, suitable for all year round venues
  • Outdoors activities and water sea sports
  • Golf all year round
  • Unique hotels, from classic resorts to sophisticated boutique

Algarve is Portugal’s veranda overlooking North Africa and the Mediterranean. It is a region of long beaches with fine, white sand, perpetually linking the blue sea and the bright sun. Algarve is a region containing some of Europe’s most renowned resorts, where Portugal and the world’s beautiful people ensure they have a reservation. Algarve is good weather the whole year through, which is very pleasing for the golfers that come from all over the world. Algarve is a suntanned body, a perfumed pine forest, a fish that leaps from the boat onto the table of the best gourmets.


Madeira – A Pearl

  • Best European climate, mild all year round
  • Suitable locations for events, from congresses to small sales meetings
  • Outdoors activities and water sea sports
  • Unique landscaping and exclusive trekking or hiking activities
  • Golf all year round
  • Unique sea facing hotels, from classic to sophisticated boutique

Madeira, which is the name of the island and the archipelago that also contains the island of Porto Santo, was first called the Pearl of the Atlantic a long time ago. Madeira is, in actual fact, a rare gem, an exceptional destination, a place mentioned by travellers from all over the world. The hotels of supreme grandeur, the contagious night-life, and the outstanding cuisine are some of the plus points that make visitors want to visit the archipelago and return time and again. Funchal, the archipelago’s capital, is a city emanating a perfume of leisure time and pure fun – dancing and joking at carnival time, or watching the completely unique fireworks display that forms part of Madeira’s New Year’s Eve celebrations every year.

Azores – A Paradise

  • Unique location on mid North Atlantic Ocean
  • Suitable locations for events, from congresses to small sales meetings
  • Outdoors activities and water sea sports
  • Whale and Wild Dolphins watching
  • Unique landscaping and exclusive trekking or hiking activities
  • Golf courses
  • Classic and modern hotels

The archipelago of the Azores is formed by nine islands of rare beauty and charm in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Nine expressions of Nature that make you want to take all the time in the world to discover them. Santa Maria, S. Miguel, S. Jorge, Pico, Faial, Graciosa, Terceira, Flores and Corvo. Each island is certain to be a revelation. The Azores are a living example, in the purest form, of what we would imagine paradise to be like, between the sun and the mist, and the green land and the blue of the sea. The people of the Azores have a very special way of welcoming guests, of keeping their history alive, of expressing their culture, of valorising and promoting the potential of their numerous destination attributes.

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Abreu Events, is a Destination Management Company, part of the Abreu Travel Group, founded in Portugal in 1840, featuring own operational offices in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), in Portugal (Lisbon, Algarve, Madeira, Oporto and Azores Islands), in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo) and United States of America (Newark and Orlando). Abreu Events is a leading destination management company sharing with its clients an enormous capital of experience, creativity and flexibility, which associated to an incomparable financial stability and strength, It gives Abreu Events the power of negotiating and finding the best solutions at the most competitive rates adding undeniable value for our clients across the globe. The company is sustained on regional teams of highly trained and dynamic multilingual professionals, managed by an experienced leading team, and whose mission is to provide creative and innovative solutions, and excellence in destination management services, adding value to the client and to the destinations where it actively operates.





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