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Central America: MICE news and highlights

The summer holidays are finished long time ago, we have overcome the back-to-work blues and are preparing for winter time. Cold weather, rainy days, frozen toes…the perfect time for some summer inspiration and answer your crave for palm trees.

Central America; sunny and exotic
Central America exists of various of destinations, all interesting MICE and business getaways with a variety of activities and facilities to offer. Each destination is different, but all sunny and exotic. Herewith we share the latest highlights and MICE news facts of Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua and Honduras with you:


“Hotel Central” is a charming boutique hotel that offers 130 rooms and is located in a renovated 1874 building. This extraordinary place in Panama will be opening its doors in the center of Casco Viejo in December 2016.


Costa Rica
Air France recently launched a direct flight from Paris to San José, Costa Rica, in November 2016 (2 flights per week). This brand new connection is a good example of the non-stop flights from Europe to Central America that are on the rise. It will be additional to the other direct flights to Panama City launched by Air France, KLM and Lufthansa.


The famous Casa Santo Domingo is a boutique hotel located in the 16th century remains of the Santo Domingo de Guzman convent. Good to know: this magnificent place in Guatemala offers a new meeting and event venue on top of a hill where guests can overlook the colonial city of Antigua. Spectacular views of the valley and its volcanos guaranteed.


Until now it was a challenge to organize an incentive program in the “hidden tropical and Caribbean treasure of Central America”. The flights were not easy to find (unless they were combined with Guatemala) and that was the main reason for that. A new direct flight launched by Copa Airlines – going from Panama City to Belize City – will solve this problem and creates new opportunities for MICE and business trips to Belize.


National Geographic has just completed shooting a documentary about the volcano Masaya and its impressive “lava lake”. The adventurer and film maker Sam Cossman and his team spent 34 days on the volcano in Nicaragua. A few feet from the magma in fusion they shot the most amazing images of the Masaya. The movie premiere is planned for early 2017. A good way to start an inspiring 2017.


“Las Verandas” is a remarkable project that is going forward on the Caribbean island of Roatan, in the archipelago of the Bay Islands. This project exists of villas and 18 charming bedrooms that are available for groups. A real fairytale accommodation alongside the turquoise waters and the coral reef of Honduras. What else to wish for?


Got inspired and looking for more Central America ideas? Please watch the video below and dream away. Or contact our partner Quetzal Motivo for tailor made advice and information about Central America trips.

Panama, picture perfect

Panama, a tropical destination in South America. Besides sandy beaches and beautiful nature the country has a lot to offer for both MICE and leisure trips.

Panama has a modern infrastructure and an award winning airport with easy connections. World class lodging possibilities are available for all types of MICE and business guests. Just like the Atlapa Conference Center Modern and the Amador Convention Center (to open in 2018!) are. Looking for world class restaurants and a sparkling nightlife? This also can be found in Panama. Modern museums will be a cultural add-on to your MICE trip to Panama. Like the impressive Biomuseo by Frank Gehry.

Panama_Skyline_wikipedia[photo: wikipedia]

Besides modern facilities you will find a lot of old historical heritage in Panama. While walking the historical streets you will discover various must-see highlights such as the Casco Antiguo (1673). Do not forget to visit the Panama Canal. The 7 Indian tribes living in Panama are looking forward to meeting you and to sharing their passion for life and culture.


The average temperature is 17 degrees Celsius. Another reason that this destination is a year round MICE place to visit. The beaches and beautiful nature make it a place to relax after a busy day of business meetings or convention programs. Did you know that 25% of Panama’s geographical areas consists is national parks? Endless breathtaking natural sceneries to discover!

For a sneak peek of what Panama has to offer, please see the Panama videos or contact our partner Quetzal Motivo.

Panama movies

We had a great Educational Trip to Panama, see for yourself! Below you will find one total movie and all separate movies. Enjoy and get inspired!

Arrival Transfer

Speed Boat on the Panama Canal

Panama Locks

Historic Train

Disco transfer

4×4 Ride

Emberas Tribe

Charter flight

Perlas Island

Salsa lessons in Panama City

Panamanian Dance

Hope you enjoyed all these movies and are inspired to visit Panama with your own groups!




Panama Educational Trip 14-19 January 2015


For the second time we will organize an Educational Trip to Panama. This is a great opportunity to get to know this stunning destination. A variety of travel possibilities. Indians, fantastic skyline and metropolis, Historic city with tango dancers, BIG yellow school buses and a nice climate. It makes sure you will have a great time.

On the right you will find the flight schedule and the program.

This Educational Trip is for Belgium Buyers only and is already fully booked!




The “trendy” destination of the moment.

It required a lot of determination for Ferdinand de Lesseps to start the visionary work that will forever remain the symbol of Panama, its Canal connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. But reducing Panama to merely ‘the Canal’ would be ignoring the richness of its historical heritage dating back to the Spanish colonization. Its amazing variety of fauna and flora, its white sand beaches beckoning you to relax. Not only the seven Indian ethnic groups which live there, but also the considerable urban development that the capital has undergone, comparable with that of Dubai, make Panama the “trendy” destination of the moment.

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Granada Nica

NICARAGUA: Nicaragua is third in the list of New York Times of the destinations to discover in 2013. Come on and dip in the Latin culture, rediscovering authenticity of the Country known for its lakes, volcanoes and colonial cities. Nicaragua offers many means of transport, colonial hotels, cultural activities and many interactions with local people which waiting to be shared.

OMETEPE copie.jpg Nica

playa-maderas-nicaragua copie

school bus Nica

tuc tuc Nica

vista Catedral Leon Nica

Want to know all about this destinations?


Explore the wilderness of a new eclectic destination.

On his fourth and last expedition to the New World, Christopher Columbus set foot on the beaches of what is today the city of Trujillo. He named this new land Honduras (depths), for the deep waters of its shores. The lush and mountainous country of Honduras promises to be a unique and eclectic trip. The Mayan ruins of Copan and their superb steles, lake Yojoa reflecting the clouds in its deep blue water, immense national parks and waterfalls, charming colonial cities lost in the mountains. Also, mangroves and lagunas, heavenly Caribbean islands bordered by a turquoise sea, coral reef inhabited by one of the world´s richest marine wildlife, and a mixed culture enriched by Indian, Garifuna, Latino, European ethnic groups and descendants of pirates. As “catrachos” (Hondurans) say, « Todo esta aqui ! ».

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A colourful country and culture, enchanting locals with their traditional rites.

The Mayas and the Aztecs were the first to appreciate the fruits of the cacao-tree. They prepared them in the form of a stimulating and bitter drink, which they held to their Gods. Then the Spanish explorers brought the cocoa bean to Europe, where it initially became a great success as a hot drink. The country of the feathered serpent “Quetzalcoatl” invites you to discover its true richness. Yaxha and Tikal, Mayan kindom cities. The sumptuous, colonial Antigua, a Unesco World Heritage site and Lake Atitlan, with its colourful markets and villages. A whole world of unexpected surprises are waiting for you in Guatemala.

Learn more!

Costa Rica

tubbing handle bridge copie C.R

COSTA RICA: Be one of those who act for the planet, visit an ecological destination: Costa Rica with more than 1500 km of nearly untouched beach on the Pacific and Atlantic side. Let’s go to discover the PURA VIDA lifestyle. Belonging to the five countries recently named ‘Reserve of the World Biosphere’, this small country of four million inhabitants will uncover its hidden secrets. As you travel down the path of a biological reserve, you will find one of the most active volcanoes in the world, beautiful rivers, and breathtaking views. You can also enjoy spectacular rafting excursions, sports activities and other numerous remarkable adventures. A country still unknown for its committment to their environment by dismantling their military in 1948, not to mention that 30% of the territory is protected by the state as national parks. Come and discover this magnificent epitome of nature !

Las-mejores-playas-de-Costa-Rica-1 copie

lapa2.jpg CR copie

La Paz.JPG CR copie2

costarica copie.jpeg

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White sand, calypso, reggae and the simple pleasures in life.

This peaceful country of only 29,000 square kilometers consists of five communities of different origins which form Belize today. Belonging to the Commonwealth, with its official language being English, it is a tropical enclave that conceals incredible Mayan sites, and completely wild virgin jungles. Come across small lodges nested in the forest, where many animal species are still greatly protected. It also boasts the 2nd largest coral barrier reef in the world that is home to endless species of fish. Finally, the famous “Blue Hole”, a pure jewel discovered by Jacques Cousteau at the end of the sixties, is truly extraordinary. White sand, calypso, reggae and the simple pleasures in life are the characteristic elements of this destination, ideal for your small VIP groups.

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