India, known for its colourful people, delicious curries and beautiful nature, is also home of the tiger. The country preserves a variety of National Parks where this impressive animal is living and can be seen in his own habitat. A top 5 list of National Park ‘must-visits’ while on a leisure or business trip in India:

Tiger in India National Park

1. Kanha National Park

Kanha (1955) is considered as one of India’s greatest parks and excellent habitat for many mammals and bird species. Home of a large tiger population and animals like leopards, the sloth bear and Indian wild dog. While visiting Kanha make sure you visit the Kanha and Kisli zone of the park, were the tigers are more accustomed to human visitors and are much easier sigthed.

India home of the tiger

2. Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh is set amongst the Vindya Hills of Madhya Pradesh. The setting for this park is impressive; the ruins of the ancient fort, from which this park derives its name, provide a stunning backdrop. After the Mararaja of Rewa had occupied the fort for years, the the forest and surrounding area were given national park status in 1968. Bandhavgarh has developed into one of the most finest tiger reserves in India.

Tiger National Park Bandhavgarh

3. Pench National Park

Since 1992 Pench has been included in the Project Tiger Reserve list. This Kipling country covers the Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh and was once known as the Seoni forests. Did you know that Kipling chose this park as the scenery for his story of the wolf boy Mowgli?

Tiger in one of India's National Parks

4. Panna National Park

Take an elephant ride into the tiger reserve, or go out in a jeep on a ‘tiger-tour’ around. It is easy to spend a day or two at this park which opens at 06:00 hrs in the morning. Originally Panna was a hunting reserve owned by the Maharaja of Panna. Nowadays the tiger population and the rocky River Ken, home of India’s crocodiles the marsh mugger and the fish eating Gharial., make it a beautiful National Park to visit.

Tiger in India National Park

5. Satpura National Park

Satpura National Park is one of the ‘most visitor friendly’ wildlife destinations and one of the finest tiger reserves in India. The park is part of India’s Central Highlands, and is named after the Satpura Hill ranges. The extremely rugged hills, the beautiful Tewa lake, coves and bays makes Satpura a perfect place for a kayaking tour. Furthermore, this park is one of the only tiger reserves where you can make a walking tour accompied by local guides.

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